I ordered a Lunging Haggard Witch from Spirit Halloween last week when they ran their big sale last week for Independence Day. Normally the prop sells for $229.99 but the sale price during the event was only $137.99. For a prop that lifelike that truly was a bargain.

I saw the witch last year at a Spirit Halloween store and really wanted to get her but I bought the Cauldron Creeper and a few other props online. My thought process was I had already spent a lot of money on props and I had three or four witches already and I didn’t necessarily need to get another right away. I thought I would be able to pick up the Lunging Haggard Witch after Halloween for half price at a Spirit or Halloween Express. Of course, the store I went to sold their last witch prop the day of Halloween and I missed out. I’ve watched eBay but hadn’t really seen one for less than $179 plus shipping. So when I saw the sale at Spirit I jumped all over it just like the props jumps out at unsuspecting victims.

The prop is as great as I remembered and only took about ten or fifteen minutes to assemble. Here she is.

The Lunging Haggard Witch has several sayings,

“Well hello, you don’t happen to have an candy for a sweet old lady do you? Give it to me! You’re too quick for me but I’ll get it next time, hahaha!”

Do you not fear ugly witches? Perhaps you should since one poisonous touch from me will wither your soul! Gotcha! Ahh, you escaped my grasp, for now!

Want to play a game of tag? If I catch you I get to turn you into a toad. Abracadabra! Oh drat, judging by the speed you jumped back perhaps you are part toad already!

Excuse me, can you help a sweet old lady find her cauldron? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I gotcha! Oh, if you weren’t so fast you’d be in my cauldron right now.

This sweet old lady is going to have a blast scaring the kids at my Halloween party this year! I highly recommend her, especially if you can get her on sale like I did.