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Animated Swamp Hag Review

I love unique Halloween props and the Animated Swamp Hag prop is pretty darn unique. She’s not quite a witch and it’s hard to tell what she’s all about when she starts talking and she sounds more cajun than creepy. I picked the Swamp Hag up three years ago and she’s one of my favorite props. She’s creepy enough to be featured at my Halloween party but she’s also kid-friendly and I put her out when the trick or treaters come by on Halloween night. It’s always funny watching the kids react to her as she rises up to...

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Animated Gothic Girl Review

Last year when I was looking for some deals on Halloween animatronics I came across the Animated Gothic Girl on eBay for $130. I was interested in the prop but thought that $130 was a little too much for the creepy animatronic. I reached out to the seller, Sarcazmos Fun House and asked them if they would reduce the price. I also had interest in another one of their props and they agreed to reduce the Animated Gothic Girl to $85 if I bought the other prop as well. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to pick up a...

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Home Depot Introduces Gray 7 Ft. Towering Werewolf for Halloween 2017

If you like big werewolf props you are in luck. We’ve seen several different animated werewolves over the years come and go but it looks like Home Depot has hit a home run with the one they are rolling out for Halloween 2017. This year Home Depot is introducing a 7 ft tall gray werewolf that is pretty awesome. I had seen the videos and picture online but remained a little skeptical but today I saw it for myself and it is one of the best animatronics I’ve seen this year. It’s now available on too. Here’s a...

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Zombie Horde Animated Prop Review

Last year I was really excited when I saw the Zombie Horde Animatronic at Halloween Express. However, when I noticed it was $250 I became a little less excited and enthusiastic about bringing it home. I kept my eye on the prop and checked in a week before Halloween and I noticed the zombies where still there. It’s a little known secret that once it gets closer to Halloween that props and other seasonal merchandise slowly start to get discounted. Then the day after Halloween things get reduced 50 to 75% off so retailers can clear out all their...

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Save 20-28% Through Labor Day Spirit Halloween and Halloween Express With Discount Codes

Halloween is getting closer and closer and next weekend we will start seeing Spirit Halloween and Halloween Express stores open all over the country. If you can’t wait that long, you are in luck. Both retailers are offering some pretty big discounts online if you have the right codes. Spirit Halloween code: OPENTW17 This code will get you 20% off at and is good until Sept 30, 2017. It won’t however get you free shipping. Large props will even cost you an extra $20 in addition to the regular shipping costs. I’ve heard that you can also use...

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Double Trouble For One Low Price!

4.5 Ft Double Trouble Animatronics - Decor...

Experience twice the fright on Halloween night with these terrifying twins. Believe it ... [More]

Price: $189.99
Sale: $189.99

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Get Hugz Before He’s Gone!

6 Ft Hugz the Clown Animatronics “ Decor...

- Spirit Halloween [More]

Price: $209.99
Sale: $209.99

The Must Have Prop For 2018: The Winter Dragon

7 Ft Winter Dragon Animatronics - Decorati...

- Spirit Halloween [More]

Price: $499.99
Sale: $499.99

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Sweet Dreams Will Sell Out This Year. Order Him Now!

7 Ft Sweet Dreams Clown Animatronics “ D...

Rock-a-bye baby! This terrifying towering clown will provide you with everything but sw... [More]

Price: $299.99
Sale: $299.99

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