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Distortions Unlimited Unveils New Rancid Prop for 2018

Halloween 2017 is barely in the books and we are already started to see new props for 2018 trickling out online. January through August can be some of the worst months for hardcore Halloween fanatics so it’s encouraging to see new stuff starting to pop up for next Halloween. One of the first animated props this year is a new animatronic from Distortions Unlimited called “Rancid”. With a name like that you know it must be creepy and you won’t be disappointed when you see it. FYI make sure there aren’t any small children around you when you watch...

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Spirit Halloween Brings Back 7 ft Towering Chained Ghost for 2018

What’s old is new again. Spirit Halloween is bringing back their 7 ft Towering Chained Ghost for 2018. After debuting in 2016 the large animatronic ghost wasn’t part of Spirit’s collection for 2017. However, in January the Towering Ghost suddenly appeared on Spirit Halloween’s website and appears to back for 2018. Here’s a video of the prop in action. One really cool feature about the Towering Ghost is that it actually has more than one or two sayings. The animatronic has five phrases it will saw when trying to spook your friends and family in October. “This is the...

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Towering Evil Clown Finally Back in Stock at Spirit Halloween

If you had your heart set on the 7′ tall Evil Clown Grimsli the Great at Spirit Halloween you are in luck. After running out of the popular Halloween animatronic Spirit Halloween has it back in stock just in time for Christmas. Spirit Halloween had a rush on the clown prop after “It” was released in theaters in September causing fans of the film to buy all of their inventory a month before Halloween. Unfortunately for all the customers who wanted to add the prop to their collection Spirit Halloween never got any more inventory in before October 31....

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Haunted Vacuum Cleaner Review

I was a little skeptical when I first heard about the Haunted Vacuum cleaner Spirit Halloween rolled out back in July. Sure, a vacuum cleaner that runs on it’s own is pretty neat but I wasn’t too sure it was spooky. I’ll have to admit, the Haunted Vacuum was actually a lot of fun. Here it is in action. As much as my wife and I enjoyed the Haunted Vacuum my dog hated it. Anytime it would start up my dog would start howling. The Vacuum is pretty easy to assemble. It comes in five parts that take very...

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Unit 70 Studios Introduces the First 2018 Halloween Prop

Halloween 2017 is hardly in the books and Unit 70 Studios is already gearing up for next year. Normally we don’t get a look at props until the trade shows gear up in January at the Halloween Party Expo. Well, the guys over at Unit 70 threw us a bone and put up a picture of the first new prop for 2018. The Melting Scientist is the first unofficial official Halloween prop for 2018. A scientist in a hazmat suit watching half of his arm melt off under his glove as his face disentagrates due to something toxic is...

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