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Animated Arkham Joker Scrapped from Morbid’s 2017 Lineup

Earlier this year Morbid Enterprises revealed one of the coolest Halloween props I’ve seen in a long time. They showed everyone a sneak peak of the Animated Arkham Joker at the Halloween and Party Expo at their booth. Since then I’ve been counting down the days until I could get one to put in my man cave year round. Here’s the Joker in action. I started looking at Spirit Halloween and Halloween Express’ websites in the late spring to see if they had added it yet. I checked again in June and July and still found nothing. August came...

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Home Accents Angel of Death Review

Last year I was walking through Home Depot a few days after Halloween and I stumbled across some picked over Halloween props. Everything was marked down 75% so I loaded up on a few lower tier animated props that I vowed to do something with this year. One of the most interesting one was the Home Accents Angel of Death. Here’s a video of the Angel of Death in action. The prop is over 6′ tall and his eyes light up when he’s activated. His arms move and the wings on his back start to move back and forth...

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Animated Scorched Scarecrow Review

We told you back in June that Halloween Express would be rolling out a Scorched Scarecrow Prop this year and now he is finally here. I was strolling through my local Halloween Express this afternoon and ran across the Scorched Scarecrow for the first time. Here’s a video showing what the big scary scarecrow is all about. In addition to Halloween Express the scarecrow is also available on The Scorched Scarecrow has three sayings he repeats when activated. “Brittle and withering on a blackened husk, but still ready to harvest. I’m looking for some ripe souls to roast...

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Home Depot Brings Back a Slightly Different Home Accents Witch Animated Prop for 2017

One of my favorite kid-friendly animated props has returned to Home Depot for Halloween 2017. This time the Home Accents Witch animatronic has a green face instead of a white one. The prop is for sale in stores and also at Here’s the witch in action. If you haven’t noticed the witch says the same stuff as she did last year. The only difference is her face is green. When she talks she says, “Happy Halloween and Trick or Treat. Look into my magic ball and I will do a trick for you. Make a Halloween wish. Close...

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Animated Swamp Hag Review

I love unique Halloween props and the Animated Swamp Hag prop is pretty darn unique. She’s not quite a witch and it’s hard to tell what she’s all about when she starts talking and she sounds more cajun than creepy. I picked the Swamp Hag up three years ago and she’s one of my favorite props. She’s creepy enough to be featured at my Halloween party but she’s also kid-friendly and I put her out when the trick or treaters come by on Halloween night. It’s always funny watching the kids react to her as she rises up to...

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Get Burlap Horror Before He’s Gone!

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Everybody Loves Hugz!

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The Must Have Prop For 2018: The Winter Dragon

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Sweet Dreams Will Sell Out This Year. Order Him Now!

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