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Design Toscano Crash Landing Flying Saucer Statue Is Perfect for UFO-Themed Haunt

Alien themed haunts like Area 51 have become very popular for Halloween parties and backyard haunted houses in recent years. Some people don’t go with clowns, vampires, zombies or werewolves and stick to UFOs and extraterrestrials. If you are one of those people I think I found something for you. Design Toscano has a really cool Crash Landing Flying Saucer Alien Spacecraft Statue that looks so realistic I had to do a double take when I first saw it. I thought it was out of a movie when I was looking for Halloween props earlier today. The UFO is...

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Haunted Scarecrow New For 2017 At Big Lots

Big Lots isn’t exactly what comes to mind when you think about Halloween props but they are working hard to change that. I stopped by the location close to me in Nashville, TN and found that they have a lot of Halloween items out already even though it’s early January. The manager informed me that they have some stuff out now and more on the way which will be put out in the coming weeks. I’ll definitely check back to see what they have because they had some nice props at a fair price. A lot of retailers will...

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Gertie the Cauldron Witch is New for Halloween 2017 at Home Depot

Home Depot is slowly starting to catch up to Spirit Halloween this year with a new reall cool animatronic witch on Gertie the Cauldron Witch is new for 2017 and looks much better than the witches Home Depot put out last year. Check out the video to see her for yourself. Gertie has several things she will say as she stirs her cauldron. Her mouth will move as she says the following. “Stir, stir, stir the pot, I’ve put me flesh in, now I’ve naught. I’ll let it simmer ’til bubbling brew, and when it’s ready I’ll come...

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Making a Bad Halloween Prop Scary: CVS Grim Reaper

On November 1 2016 I go hunting for discounted Halloween props. Everyone knows that big box retailers like Home Depot, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens and Target will mark down their Halloween items 50% to 75% just to get rid of it and make room for Christmas stuff. Big Box Halloween stores like Spirit Halloween and Halloween Express also will drastically reduce their costumes, props and other Halloween merchandise so they won’t have to put it in storage until next year. The day after Halloween is really the best time to buy items if you are looking for a deal....

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Spirit Halloween Introduces Deadly Roots Animated Prop for Halloween 2017

Spirit Halloween is back at it. After rolling out a ton of hot new animatronics in July they are still introducing new Halloween props for 2017. This week Spirit put the Deadly Roots Animated Prop up on their website. Check out the video below. Deadly Roots is a huge prop at 6.5 feet tall and weighing 19 pounds. He is activated by a sensor and also works with a step pad which is not included. It’s not known just how many sayings the prop has but he does have at least one that is featured in the video. “Trespasser,...

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Get Burlap Horror Before He’s Gone!

6 Ft Burlap Horror Scarecrow Animatronics ...

This horrifying scarecrow is ready for his next victim. His light-up eyes and stitched ... [More]

Price: $149.99
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Everybody Loves Hugz!

6 Ft Hugz the Clown Animatronics “ Decor...

- Spirit Halloween [More]

Price: $209.99
Sale: $209.99

The Must Have Prop For 2018: The Winter Dragon

7 Ft Winter Dragon Animatronics - Decorati...

- Spirit Halloween [More]

Price: $499.99
Sale: $499.99

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Sweet Dreams Will Sell Out This Year. Order Him Now!

7 Ft Sweet Dreams Clown Animatronics “ D...

Rock-a-bye baby! This terrifying towering clown will provide you with everything but sw... [More]

Price: $299.99
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