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Spirit Halloween Officially Releases the Creepy Towering Clown

We told you something big was coming back in June for Halloween 2017 and now Spirit Halloween has officially unveiled the 7′ Creepy Towering Clown Animatronic. Even though Spirit is rolling it out now it’s been for sale on for quite sometime for $199.99. Spirit tweeted out a teaser yesterday for the Creepy Towering Clown. The next sneak peek is playing hide and seek! #SpiritHalloween — Spirit Halloween (@SpiritHalloween) July 26, 2017 Today Spirit finally unveiled their 6.5′ tall Evil Clown on their Youtube page. The clown is really cool and has two sayings in addition to...

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Spirit Halloween Introduces New Levitator Girl Animatronic for 2017

Just when you think you’ve seen it all from Spirit Halloween they roll out another high quality animated prop for Halloween 2017. Yesterday Spirit unveiled the video for the 5 Ft Levitator Girl on their Youtube page. Basically it’s a possessed girl who levitates in the air. She doesn’t say anything but she does scream which is a little creepy. The Levitator Girl is just over 5′ long and weights almost nine pounds. According to Spirit the prop will ship in late July. The Levitator Girl retails for $179.99 on That’s pretty expensive for a prop. I’m really...

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Skeleton Fortune Teller New From Target For Halloween 2017

We’ve seen a lot of new Halloween props in recent weeks from Home Depot and Spirit Halloween. Now Target is starting to get in on the action. Despite not having props available to purchase on their site Target has released their 2017 lineup. This year they are featuring several themes: Nocturne Collection, Mad Lab Collection, Day of the Dead Collection, Fall Harvest Collection, Stories in the Dark Collection, Skeletons & Tombstones Collection and the Hyde and Eek! Boutique. Most of the items from Target this year are pretty much the same stuff they roll out every year. One item...

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Tricycle Doll Animatronic New From Spirit in 2017 is stealing Spirit Halloween’s thunder this weekend. After churning out teasers and official videos unveiling new props for 2017 Amazon is now putting out new items for sale before Spirit can get them up on The latest is the new Tricycle Doll animatronic. Check it our for yourself. The doll is pretty creepy and I can imagine if I saw her riding over to me I might just lose it. According to Amazon: This sacred family antique has been passed down through generations and was once a beloved heirloom. Now, the dirty and beat up tricycle doll...

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Jack Skellington Animatronic Coming For Halloween 2017

Someone at is going to chewed out on Monday. Amazon has been putting up new Spirit Halloween props on their site today that aren’t listed at Earlier today we reported on a new haunted vacuum prop that showed up this morning, now it looks like the big one is here. There have been rumblings that Spirit Halloween would be selling a lifesize animated prop that was licensed from a big movie. Now we know which movie. And it’s a pretty popular one too. 6 Ft Jack Skellington Animatronics Decorat… Boys and girls of every age; wouldn’t you...

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Get Burlap Horror Before He’s Gone!

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Everybody Loves Hugz!

6 Ft Hugz the Clown Animatronics “ Decor...

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The Must Have Prop For 2018: The Winter Dragon

7 Ft Winter Dragon Animatronics - Decorati...

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Sweet Dreams Will Sell Out This Year. Order Him Now!

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