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Gemmy Edwardian Butler Animatronic Review

For me this is where it all started. In 2007 on the day after Halloween I was walking through Kroger and saw a box containing a creepy butler marked down to $25. The store was eager to unload their leftover Halloween merchandise and had marked everything down to 75% off to make room for their Christmas stuff. The Butler had originally been priced at $200 so when I noticed it was only $25 I put it in my cart and brought it home. Once I unboxed the prop I fell in love with him instantly and didn’t put him...

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Spirit Halloween Makes It Easy To Build Your Own Halloween Props

I love to make bad Halloween props into good ones. I’ve done it several times with cheap props I’ve bought the day after Halloween for $20 and turn them into something special. You can check those out here. CVS and Rite Aid are notorious for having some pretty bad animated Halloween props that no one buys that end up getting marked down on November 1 every year. I take them, fix them up and put a mask on them to make them something that is actually scary. Now Spirit Halloween is stealing my thunder and actually offering 5′ metal...

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Swinging Sally Animatronic is new for Halloween 2017 at Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween keeps rolling out more and more new animated props for Halloween 2017. Last month they introduced the 7′ Evil Clown and the Forest Demon among other top notch Halloween props, now they have unveiled the Swinging Sally Animatronic. This antique doll that swings back and forth will freak out just about anyone who isn’t fond of older dolls from years ago. The Swinging Sally animatronic weighs just over 10 pounds and stands right at 5 feet tall. It’s basically a doll in a swing and you will have to put it together. Like most Spirit Halloween props...

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Take a Tour Through Spirit Hollow

Spirit Halloween stores are gearing up to open in a few weeks all across the country. Fans of the store have been putting up videos and pictures of the stores in malls that are in the process of unboxing and putting things together. Earlier today Spirit Halloween took the guessing out of what the stores will look like when they released a video on their Youtube account giving future customers a tour of Spirit Hollow. Spirit Hollow is a pretty cool concept that shows their props in action and shows off what they can do to prospective customers who...

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Spirit Introduces Janglin’ Bones Trio Animatronics for Halloween 2017

Spirit Halloween must be working overtime trying to get out all the new props before their stores open in a few weeks. It seems like every week they roll out a few new items on their website that are new for Halloween 2017. This weekend the Janglin’ Bones Trio appeared on for the first time. The new prop features three skeletons playing the accordion, clarinet and violin. Check the Janglin’ Bones Trio out for yourself. While I’m glad to see Spirit Halloween continue to roll out new merchandise for 2017 I have to say I am completely underwhelmed...

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Everybody Loves Hugz!

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Sweet Dreams Will Sell Out This Year. Order Him Now!

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