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Spirit Announces the Smoldering Zombie Groundbreaker is back for 2017

Who doesn’t love a good groundbreaker prop at a Halloween party? One of last year’s breakout props, the Smoldering Zombie Groundbreaker is back for 2017 according to Spirit Halloween. The prop retails for $139.99 on and is available for pre-order. The Smoldering Zombie is expected to ship in August so he will arrive in time for Halloween. The Zombie doesn’t talk. He does groan as he tried to break free from the ground after being on fire. (Wouldn’t you?) The prop looks like a zombie that as been set on fire who is trying to rise from the...

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Scorched Scarecrow Animated Halloween Prop Is New For 2017

Morris Costumes is on a roll so far in 2017. With several new animated props this year like the Stew Brewing Witch and the Towering Boogeyman we are starting to see some really cool animatronics that will be in every Spirit Halloween and Halloween Express this Fall. Today Morris Costumes introduced the Scorched Scarecrow on their official Youtube page. Like the Towering Boogeyman the Scorched Scarecrow is also 7′ tall and another large prop that will get the attention of everyone at your Halloween party this October. With a flickering jack-o-lantern and chest piece the Scarecrow looks like he...

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Towering Boogeyman from Morris Costumes is new for 2017

Big is always better when it comes to Halloween props. We’ve seen an emphasis on taller props recently. Last year we saw a 6.5′ witch introduced and this year at Spirit Halloween and earlier this year Seasonal Visions rolled out a 7′ Evil Clown for 2017. Now Morris Costumes is keeping pace by featuring a Towering Boogeyman prop that will be available for Halloween 2017. The 7′ skeleton comes with a little girl who screams as the boogeyman swings her back and forth. Unlike other new additions to the Morris Costumes catalog the Towering Boogeyman doesn’t talk or have...

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Morris Costumes Officially Unveils 2017 Animated Witch Props

We’ve seen rumblings online that we would be getting some new witches this year from Morris Costumes and now they have finally lifted the curtain and showed us what is available for Halloween 2017. Morris Costumes introduced two new witches on their Youtube page, an animated Stew Brewing Witch and the Cauldron Cat-tastrophe animated Witch. First up the Stew Brewing Witch, There are lights inside the cauldron to make it look like the witch is cooking something. She also moves side to side and her mouth moves as she talks. This prop is pretty cool because it look like...

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Rite Aid Grim Reaper Animated Prop Review

The day after Halloween is the best time to go shopping for discounted Halloween props. Three years ago I went into Rite Aid and saw a 6′ Grim Reaper sitting on the shelf. They had several of them and I couldn’t believe that no one had picked him up. He had been priced at $89 but was marked down half price to $44.50. Since it was the day after Halloween I asked the manager if there was anything they could do and he told me he could take 50% off the sale price bringing the Reaper down to $22.50....

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