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Making a Bad Halloween Prop Scary: eBay Clown

Last summer I was trying to find some cool animated props to bring my Clown Tent to life. I looked online and found some really cool props. The problem was I had a budget and had burned through most of it when I bought some of the new 2016 props from Spirit Halloween. I figured I could find some stuff on eBay and maybe get something cheap and fix it up. For $85 I came across this guy. I’ll have to admit, he looked a lot cooler in the eBay ad but I only really needed the base and...

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Spirit Halloween Hoping To Scare Up New Business With Animated Cryo Chamber Corpse in 2017

You have to hand it to the folks at Spirit Halloween, they are rolling out tons of new animatronics for 2017. I knew they were going to have some new items this year when they had that huge clearance sale earlier this month. Typically when you see a big sale like that the retailer is clearing out inventory to make room for new items in their warehouse. Since the first of July Spirit has unveiled the Evil Eye Book, Toe Tagged Corpse, Sitting Scare Clown, Fogging Basement Doors and the High Voltage Zombie animatronics. Today they released a video...

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Home Depot Rolls Out Skeleton T-Rex Dinosaur for Halloween 2017

Halloween is almost here folks! Home Depot has started to put out their new Halloween props on their website and they have some exciting new dinosaur props for 2017. They have a nine foot tall T-Rex that appears to be the cream of the crop. Home Depot is also offering a 17 in. triceratops as well as an Animated Hatching T-Rex Egg. The T-Rex is available on too. The T-Rex does make sounds to speak the kids at Halloween and would look cool in the yard. But make sure you don’t show up in a small car to...

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Spirit Halloween Introduces Evil Eye Spell Book for 2017

If you are like me you are running out of room around the yard and house for the big, lifesize Halloween animatronics that come out every year. Spirit must’ve heard my cries and finally introduced a really cool smaller prop that can be used on a table inside the living room. I tend to keep most of the big animated props outside for my Halloween party but this one will make the inside more creepy. Check out the Evil Eye Spell Book now available at This animated prop is exactly what it says it is. It’s a book...

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Spirit Halloween Introduces Toe Tagged Corpse for 2017

Spirit Halloween has been reducing prices in the past two weeks to clear out excess inventory to make room for new props for 2017. Since the beginning of July Spirit has introduced the Hi-Voltage Zombie, Fogging Basement Doors and the Sitting Scare Clown. Today they unveiled the Toe Tagged Corpse to add to their already impressive crop of new props this year. The prop is reasonably priced at $119.99 at Spirit Halloween. It only weighs nine pounds so it should be pretty easy to move around. Unlike most Halloween animatronics this prop doesn’t say anything. But then again, most...

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Everybody Loves Hugz!

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Sweet Dreams Will Sell Out This Year. Order Him Now!

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