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Spirit Halloween Slashes Prices on Select Halloween Animatronics

If you didn’t take advantage of Spirit Halloween’s Independence Day sale you are still in luck if you wanted to grab some really cool animatronics for your Halloween party this year. Spirit announced earlier today that they are holding a Clearance Sale on their site. Prices have been slashed even further to eliminate inventory to make room for new items for Halloween 2017. Here’s whats on sale right now. The 6′ Lunging Haggard Witch has been marked down to $125.00. It was $137.99 last week, down from last year’s price of $229.99. The 6.5′ Towering Witch has been marked...

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New for 2017: Sitting Scare Clown Animatronics from Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween is on fire right now putting out new animatronics and animated props on their site almost every day this weekend. Last week they rolled out the Animated Fogging Basement Doors and the High Voltage Zombie Animatronic . Today they upped the ante with the Sitting Scare Clown. Check out the video below. The clown sits in a chair and waits for your trick or treaters to show up and grab candy out of the bowl in his lap. Easy enough, right? Wrong! As soon as you make a play for the candy the Clown’s head pops up...

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Animated Lunging Haggard Witch Review

I ordered a Lunging Haggard Witch from Spirit Halloween last week when they ran their big sale last week for Independence Day. Normally the prop sells for $229.99 but the sale price during the event was only $137.99. For a prop that lifelike that truly was a bargain. I saw the witch last year at a Spirit Halloween store and really wanted to get her but I bought the Cauldron Creeper and a few other props online. My thought process was I had already spent a lot of money on props and I had three or four witches already...

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Spirit Halloween Introduces Animated Fogging Basement Doors for 2017

Spirit Halloween has been on a roll this week. After introducing the Hi-Voltage Zombie earlier in the week they have rolled out another exciting new prop for 2017, the Fogging Basement Doors. What’s creepier than going down into a dark, dank basement? Seeing the doors bang back and forth while hands keep trying to close it after it opens. The prop doesn’t come with a fog machine but it looks like you really need one to make the prop look realistic. Unlike most props you find at Spirit or other Halloween stores it’s simple and not over the top....

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Spirit Halloween Introduces Fenced In High Voltage Zombie Animatronic for 2017

UPDATE The High Voltage Zombie is finally here and available for purchase! We knew something big was coming but we didn’t know exactly just what. Spirit dropped a teaser on their website earlier this week that showed something getting electrocuted and the internet was baffled by the video. Today Spirit unveiled their next animatronic prop on their site for the whole world to see. Meet the High Voltage Zombie. According to the site, It’s said that no one has made it out of Black Isle East Penitentiary alive. Now we know why. They’ve all been fried alive by an...

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