Alright, alright…. I know what you are thinking. Jack Skellington isn’t a new prop. Of course, you are right! But this is a little different. Instead of Spirit Halloween selling the “The Nightmare Before Christmas” star, it’s Home Depot. Like we’ve already mentioned before in previous posts, Home Depot has really stepped up their game this year and bringing Jack Skellington into the fold is just another sign that they really want to be a player in the animated prop game.

In case you aren’t familiar with Jack Skellington, please check out the video below.

When activated Jack begins to sing his famous song from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, Jack’s Lament. He will also begin to say a few phrases from the movie as well.

Standing at 6’5 Jack Skellington is an imposing prop. He has has large bony hands just like in the movie and of course he has his oversized bat tie on as well.

The large Nightmare Before Christmas prop retails for $199.99 at Home Depot and their website. Like other props at Home Depot, you may be able to wait a few weeks and get a discount on the animatronic. Home Depot is usually eager to get rid of their Halloween merchandise to make room for the Christmas stuff that is cluttering up their back rooms. Since this prop has been out since 2017 you might be able to wait it out and bring him a little cheaper. Just don’t wait too long. It always stinks to miss out on a prop because you think you can get a better deal in a week or two.

Please keep checking back. There are a lot more really cool Halloween animatronics coming your way!