Well, we saw that Home Depot was dusting off Jack Skellington for 2021, so it only makes sense that we get his girlfriend Sally too! The friendly rag doll that captured Jack’s heart will be a hit at your Halloween party this year.

If you don’t remember Sally, please check out the video below to get reacquainted.

According to Home Depot:

Add nightmarish appeal to your Halloween celebrations with this Disney animated Sally’s swaying head and flower animatronic figure. Straight from Disney’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, this frightening figure uses sound and motion-sensing technology to jump up and scare incoming visitors. The imposing 6-foot height stands out and acts as a centerpiece to complement the celebratory decor. Featuring head sways and arm movements, this animatronic delivers a spooky appeal to your setup. This Disney animated Sally’s swaying head and flower animatronic figure disassembles quickly for hassle-free storage and portability.

When activated Sally will begin to sway and sing Sally’s Song from the hit movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. She stands right at six feet tall and the good thing about her is, you can actually leave her up for Christmas if you want!

At $199.99 Sally is in line with pricing from previous years. Hovering around $200, she won’t break the bank either. Sally is one of those props that either you love or hate. If you are a fan of her movie, she’s likely a must-have. But if you don’t like the movie or haven’t seen it, it’s very likely you will skip over her and grab another animated prop for Halloween.

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