Ladies and gentleman, it’s time! Spirit Halloween has begun introducing their new props for Halloween 2021! From now until August we will be treated to a new animatronic prop every few days. Spirit Halloween’s first official release for the new season is a caged skeleton named “Barry”. If you aren’t familiar with Barry, please check out the video below.

According to Spirit Halloween:

Barry didn’t exactly sign up to be stuck in a cage for his entire existence. He didn’t really sign up for anything. He was heading to work one day when the first Zombie apocalypse started. Poor Barry was the first bitten. He managed to get home before the transformation took place and lock himself in the cage he and his wife used for their oversized cockatiel. The bird didn’t make it, but Barry’s wife couldn’t bear to part with him either. Now she feeds him raw meat through the bars and falls asleep to his groaning at night. I guess it could be worse. She could have put a shovel through his brain.

When activated by sensor to step pad the animated miniature skeleton begins rocking back and forth in a cage as he makes eerie guttural sounds. Oh, and you will love this! Barry’s mouth moves when he makes those creepy sounds. Like many of you, it’s a big pet peeve of mine when I see a Halloween’ prop who talks or makes noise and his mouth never moves. So you have to give Barry a little extra credit for the attention to detail.

At $149.99 Barry is a great buy!