Every king needs his queen, right? Well Home Depot rolled out the King of the Underworld, so naturally they would have a Queen of the Underworld too! If I do say so myself, the Queen of the Underworld made by Home Accents is much creepier than the King of the Underworld. If you haven’t met the queen, please check out the video below.

When activated the Queen of the Underworld’s eyes turn white and she begins to move from side to side as she addresses her loyal subjects. She is a generous queen you better pay attention when she begins to speak several different phrases including:

“I rose from the cracks of this earth on Halloween to meet my new arriving subjects!”

Standing at 5’5 the Queen of the Underworld is a larger sized prop considering she’s a female.

At $199.99 the Queen of the Underworld is reasonably priced. Like the King of the Underworld, the regal undead ruler won’t break the bank, but she isn’t exactly cheap. Home Depot is notorious for marking Halloween props early, so if you can hold out a few weeks you might wind up bringing her highness home a little cheaper. Just don’t hold out too long. It always stinks trying to wait out a prop’s price reduction only to miss out when someone else gets in before you.

I really like the Queen of the Underworld and am considering adding her to my collection. I like her more than her husband, that’s for sure! She reminds me a little of the Black Widow prop that Lowes put out several years ago. Home Depot went all out when they put together her outfit. The long flowing dress combined with the crown and scepter are all a very nice touch!

Halloween will be here before you know it. Please keep checking back. There are a lot of cool things coming our way, and its not even August yet!