Who doesn’t love creepy children Halloween props? Well, Spirit Halloween has a four foot tall terribly delightful animatronic for you this year, Betty Sharpe! If you are not familiar with Miss Sharpe, please check out the video below.

According to Spirit Halloween:

Have you ever seen a more enthusiastic smile? Think carefully before you answer. The competition for the 75th annual Young Miss Waxatchachie contest was intense. Dozens of young hopeful pageant contestants lined the corridors of the local 4H hall for their chance to shine. However, Betty Sharpe ensured that her unforgettable smile was the only one the judges would see that day. As for the talent portion of the pageant, well, let’s just say she slayed the competition.

Standing at four feet tall with a maniacal smile and bloody knife in hand, Betty Sharpe means business. She’ll do whatever it takes to get the attention of her mother and no guests are safe from the blade of her knife. Listen, as she taunts you with her horrifying phrases and witness as her last victim tries to wriggle free from her unbreakable clutch.

When activated Betty Sharpe springs to life and says one of four creepy phrases:

“I like collecting things. Can I show you my collection?”

“I love cooking. Mommy lets me do all the chopping!”

“Want to see what’s in my bag? Just stick your head in…. real slow. (giggles)”

“My sister used to be mommy’s favorite…but I took care of that! (giggles)”

I like Betty Sharpe. She’s not too expansive and is a fun and very unique animatronic for 2022. In a sea of clowns, zombies and other familiar props, Betty Sharpe is definitely different and a good prop for your home haunt this October.

Keep checking back! There is more cool stuff about to drop. Halloween will be here before you know it!