Spirit Halloween is dropping their new props today and one of the best ones so far is the new Lord Raven animatronic. This guy is awesome! If you haven’t seen Lord Raven for yourself, please check out the video below.

According to Spirit Halloween

Deep in the dark mountains of the black hills, the Lord Raven makes its nest from the clean-picked bones of its victims. Perched upon this throne, the beast waits until the sun dips below the mountain peaks before flapping its wings and emerging into the night to stalk its next victim. Your only chance to survive is catching a glimpse of its demonic eyes before Lord Raven and its minions descend upon you and turn you into their next feast, pecking you until only bones are left.

At six foot tall, the Lord Raven animatronic will tower over guests in your home. Watch as it lifts its arms and lowers its head to gather a closer look at its next victim. With light-up LED red eyes and tormenting voice lines, Lord Raven will spook you to your core!

When activated Lord Raven says the following phrases:

“How dare you enter my forest? If you value your pathetic human life, turn back now. Come closer, and you shall meet your doom! (caw)”

“I knew you would be here soon; you could say I have eyes all over, hahaha. (caw, caw) Remember, wherever you run, my crows and I will find you!”

“Beware! More terrible things than I roam this wood at night. Don’t you feel their evil presence lurking out of sight? No matter, you will meet them soon enough. Ha ha hah!”

“I can smell the delicious pestilence on you…. it’s making me so very hungry. If you value your puny life, then run, or my crows and I will strip you of your flesh and leave your bones to rot!”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

At $299.99 Lord Raven is a great prop. If you know where to look you should be able to find some 20% promo codes to bring him down to around $240. however, he is considered to be an oversized prop and will cost extra to ship. Keep checking back. There is a lot of cool stuff coming soon!