Do you hear that? That’s the sound of Halloween getting closer and closer! Today Spirit Halloween rolled out their latest Halloween animatronic for 2022 and it’s an new, I mean old take on an old favorite, Crouchy. That’s right, we are getting Young Crouchy this year! If you haven’t seen the young clown, please check out the video below.

According to Spirit Halloween:

The pain of growing up orphaned in the streets can only be masked by laughter, at least according to this broken child. With no friends, no family, and nowhere to turn, he had a stroke of luck when the circus came to town. He never intended to scare anyone, but with his broken posture and twisted frame, he was quickly adopted into the traveling circus and immediately found his calling. No amount of makeup could ever hide his sinister grin and sharp, dagger-like teeth, so he finally embraced his true identity as Crouchy and worked to become the show’s most terrifying act!

Every good evil villain has to have a tragic origin story! Coming in at four feet tall with an upper body that creepily turns from right to left and a menacing set of light-up red eyes, Young Crouchy is not here to clown around! See how it all began for the circus’ most terrifying act once you add Young Crouchy to your home this Halloween.

When activated by a sensor or step pad Crouchy’s eyes begin to glow and he starts laughing like a mad man! Talk about terrifying!

I think Young Crouchy is going to be a hit. This is the first time that I recall Spirit Halloween making a new variation of an older existing prop. The original Crouchy sold out rather quickly and I imagine Young Crouchy will also be a great selling prop. If you think you want him, pull the trigger early! It always stinks when you go to buy a prop in late September and they are already sold out!

Keep checking back. There are a lot more cool things coming!