Spirit Halloween is ramping up for another big Halloween season. We’ve slowly started to see what is in store for everyone for Halloween 2021 over the past few weeks and yesterday we learned that Sitting Scarecrow will be coming back this year.

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This resting scarecrow seems to be sleeping, but when someone reaches for the candy in … [More]

Price: $159.99
Sale: $159.99

Sitting Scarecrow originally came out in 2016. He appears to be a simple scarecrow that sits on the front porch during October. However, when someone gets close, his pops up and scares them to death!

The fun scarecrow pop retails for $99.99, which is $60 off it’s original retail price. This is actually a very good value and I imagine this won’t last long and will be out of stock by October.

Keep checking back! Lots of fun stuff will be released soon!