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New For 2018: Georgie from Haunt Creations

What’s more terrifying than Pennywise The Dancing Clown? A miniature version of Pennywise The Dancing Clown dressed like his old pal Georgie in a yellow raincoat, of course. Ever since “It” hit theaters last September we’ve seen an influx of Pennywise props on the market but Haunt Creations has put their distinct spin…

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Everyone Is Talking About Unit 70’s Pennywise Animatronic From TransWorld

The haunt world has descended upon St. Louis for the TransWorld’s Halloween & Attraction Show this week to see the latest and greatest in Halloween apparel, props, masks and anything else that is creepy. We all got a sneak peek in January at HauntCon in New Orleans but Transworld is always where everyone…

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