Halloween is almost here. You know what that means, right? Zombie, zombies and more zombies! This year Spirit Halloween has a new zombie prop out and it’s not like other zombie animatronics they’ve done in the past. If you haven’t yet seen Tortured Torso, here he is in all his glory.

5.8 Ft Tortured Torso Constant Motion Anim…

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Price: $129.99
Sale: $129.99

I have to be upfront before we go any further, I’m not really a zombie guy. I watch the Walking Dead but I can’t seem to get excited about zombie animatronics for my home haunt in October. However, the Tortured Torso is a somewhat intriguing, especially with the cheaper price point. Most of the new props we’ve see from Spirit Halloween are over $299.99 and at $129.99 Tortured Torso is something I’m going to look at pretty closely this year.

When activated the prop begins to twitch and make moaning zombie-like sounds. He’s pretty simple, but sometimes simple is good. I like the fact that he hangs from his wrists. This gives me options on where I can put him and how to use him. The blood stain on the bottom of his shirt is a very nice touch. It’s almost like something came along and ripped the lower part of his body off.

I wasn’t a fan of Tortured Torso when I first saw him online. However, he’s a much better prop up close. When I saw him at my local Spirit Halloween someone had placed a beanie on his head and made him look even more realistic. I really thought it was a nice touch.

At $129.99 Tortured Torso is a fairly inexpensive prop compared to others Spirit Halloween has put out this year. Given that I’m not a zombie guy and that it’s only half of a prop I will have to rank the animated zombie 3 out of 5 stars. Not bad, but it’s not the best zombie prop I’ve ever seen.

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What do you think about Tortured Torso?