Halloween is rapidly approaching and we are in a weird place where we are starting to get a slow drip of information about the new props for 2020. In July Spirit Halloween will start to unveil their lineup so we have to be patient until later this summer. But we do know of one item that likely be available at Spirit Halloween-the Crouching Gravedigger from Gemmy.

The prop is an animated gravedigger who is crouching because he has just finished digging a grave. Not much is known about the prop but when activated we do know that his eyes light up. He looks sort of like a zombie too.

The Crouching Gravedigger will likely run anywhere from $159 to $199 and will likely be sold at independent Halloween retailers like Halloween City and Halloween Express.

Please keep checking back as more info we will be available shortly.

We have heard of some really cool things coming out later this year so make sure you bookmark the site and check back soon!