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New For 2019: Ghostly Trio From Morbid Enterprises

When you think Halloween you think ghosts, right? Most people do. However, when it comes to Halloween props we don’t normally see an abundance of ghosts. Typically we get clowns, werewolves, witches and other creepy characters but ghosts seems to get left behind. This year Morbid Enterprises is looking to change than with…

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New For 2019: Animated Wheel of Death

Just when you thought you have seen every clown Halloween prop imaginable Morbid Enterprises pulls an ace out of their sleeve. Last month at HauntCon Morbid rolled out their 2019 lineup and one of the things that jumped out at me was the Animated Wheel of Death. Everyone loves clown props but no…

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New For 2019: Animated Straight Jacket Clown

Clowns were everywhere at HauntCon this weekend. I think deep down the prop manufacturers are getting ready for the sequel to It this September and want to be ready when customers go wild for clown animatronics like they did in 2017. When “It” came out two years ago Spirit Halloween sold out of…

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