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Haunted Scarecrow New For 2017 At Big Lots

Big Lots isn’t exactly what comes to mind when you think about Halloween props but they are working hard to change that. I stopped by the location close to me in Nashville, TN and found that they have a lot of Halloween items out already even though it’s early January. The manager informed…

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Gertie the Cauldron Witch is New for Halloween 2017 at Home Depot

Home Depot is slowly starting to catch up to Spirit Halloween this year with a new reall cool animatronic witch on HomeDepot.com. Gertie the Cauldron Witch is new for 2017 and looks much better than the witches Home Depot put out last year. Check out the video to see her for yourself. Gertie…

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Spirit Halloween Introduces Animated Fogging Basement Doors for 2017

Spirit Halloween has been on a roll this week. After introducing the Hi-Voltage Zombie earlier in the week they have rolled out another exciting new prop for 2017, the Fogging Basement Doors. What’s creepier than going down into a dark, dank basement? Seeing the doors bang back and forth while hands keep trying…

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