Home Depot is slowly starting to catch up to Spirit Halloween this year with a new reall cool animatronic witch on HomeDepot.com. Gertie the Cauldron Witch is new for 2017 and looks much better than the witches Home Depot put out last year.

Check out the video to see her for yourself.

Gertie has several things she will say as she stirs her cauldron. Her mouth will move as she says the following.

“Stir, stir, stir the pot, I’ve put me flesh in, now I’ve naught. I’ll let it simmer ’til bubbling brew, and when it’s ready I’ll come find you! He heh heh”

“Ah, this is thickening nicely, yessss. Heh heh, this cauldron is full of tasty morsels I have found. Would you like to give it a try? It’s Halloween ANYTHING can happen this night! Heh Hah!”

Gertie comes with a volume control so you can turn her voice down a little if your kids get scared!

It’s apparent that the manufacturer is Seasonal Visions who also made the Cauldron Creeper who also says the same lines as he stirs his cauldron. One thing that is different is that Gertie has a green light inside the cauldron that accents her face and gives her a little something extra the Cauldron Creeper didn’t have going for him.

Home Depot is advertising Gertie as being over 6.5 feet tall and that is somewhat accurate as she is wearing a very tall, pointy hat. If you take the hat off of her head Gertie is well under 6′. Don’t forget, assembly required, and that cauldron can be a pain to put together but once you do figure it out it is pretty neat.

The prop is selling for $149 on HomeDepot.com and is not yet in stores but should be in the coming weeks. I was in Home Depot yesterday and was told that the Halloween items weren’t stocked yet and won’t be put out until a few more weeks. At $149 Gertie is reasonably priced but I think she might be a better fit for the budget a little closer to Halloween. As Halloween gets closer they mark down their props 30% to 40% and after the holiday they reduce everything Halloween related to 70% to 80% off. Sometimes they will take off even more if they are not in a box. Last year I got a butler, zombie and Frankenstein for $40 two days after Halloween because the store was in a rush to dump Halloween merchandise and put out new Christmas items which were in demand.