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New For 2018: Michael Myers Animatronic From Party City

With Halloween coming back to the box office this fall its really no surprise to see Spirit Halloween bring back their animated Michael Myers to stores this year. What surprised me was to see that Party City was also rolling a Michael Myers isn’t as well. Yesterday Party City introduced a new Michael Myers prop on their website. Typically Party City isn’t known for animated props but they seem to be getting in the game this year after unveiling a Jason Voorhees animatronic last week. Check out the new Michael Myers from Party City in the video below. The...

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New For 2018: Lost Her Way Headless Animatronic From Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween is starting to show their cards as to what their 2018 lineup for animatronics will be. A few weeks ago they started rolling out older props like Michael Myers and then started to introduce new ones like the Pumpkin Prowler and Nighmare Harvester. Today Spirit introduced a new one called Lost Her Way, and as you can see she has no head. When activated the prop starts moving around and says six different phrases. “I dragged myself out of the tomb to find my skull and get my revenge. And I will… Oh, I will… (Weeps)” “This...

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New For 2018: Remote Control Spider From Spirit Halloween

We’ve seen a lot of new stuff from Spirit Halloween so far for 2018. A scarecrow, clown and a Pumpkin Prowler are just a few of the things we will see this fall. Now we can add a remote control spider to the list. Pretty creepy, huh? The spider works with a 65-foot range so you will be able to cover a lot of ground and scare a lot of people. It is almost two feet tall and 29 inches long. It weighs almost nine pounds and makes insect noise when it moves. Let’s weight the pros and cons...

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Introducing the Savannah Ghost Map

Anyone who has been to Savannah, Georgia knows how much fun ghost tours can be. Savannah has been called the most haunted city in America and is rich with history from the American Revolution and the Civil War. On just about every street you can find a building with a story or a square that has a secret. For as fun as the ghost tours can be in Savannah they can get pretty expensive. Generally they charge $20 to $40 and you only get to see a few places. To make it even worse, you have to walk around...

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New For 2018: Jason Voorhees From Party City

Just when you think Spirit Halloween has all the great Halloween props Party City had to jump in with their brand new Jason Voorhees animated prop. Everyone loves Friday the 13th and now you can have Jason make an appearance at your Halloween party this year. Party City unveiled the prop on, well of course, yesterday, Friday the 13th. Jason stands 6.5 feet tall and is officially licensed so you will be getting an authentic Jason Voorhees animatronic. Several years ago Gemmy produced a Jason Voorhees animated prop that was really popular but now as time has gone by...

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