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New For 2019: Floating Pennywise

Just when I thought I had seen every Pennywise Halloween prop there was Morbid Enterprises comes along and sucker punches me with their brand new Floating Pennywise prop. In case you have been living under a rock Pennywise is literally killing “It” at the box office (double pun). Everyone wants to get their hands on new Pennywise props this year and Morbid is getting in on the fun wit their latest creation. Check it out in the video below. The new Floating Pennywise is available at at for $249.99 When activated the 6′ tall Pennywise’s eyes light up....

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Headless Help Review

October is almost upon us and if you are as excited about all the new Halloween props over at as I am you can hardly wait. One of my favorite new props for 2019 is an animatronic called Headless Help. If you aren’t quite familiar with the creepy butler who lost his head please check out the video below. When I first saw Headless Help online after Spirit Halloween rolled him out last month I was intrigued but had my eye on other props like Crouchy and Waving Wally. However, when I saw him up close at my...

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New For 2019: Headless Horseman From Home Depot

Home Depot has gotten pretty ambitious with the Halloween props. It seems like every year they raise their game and this might be their best year yet. The centerpiece of the 2019 collection is the Headless Horseman prop made by Home Accents. If you haven’t seen their latest monstrous animatronic check out the video below. This guy us ginormous. The headless horseman stands right at 7’2 feet tall and is almost three foot wide. When activated the animatronic says one of several different phrases. “I seek vengeance for the ones who took my head and left me in that...

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Abandoned Annie Review

Spirit Halloween quietly dropped a new prop called Abandoned Annie earlier this year without much fanfare. After seeing large props such as Tug of War Clowns and Crouchy Abandoned Annie sort of got lost in the shuffle. When I visited my local Spirit Halloween I was pleased to see that they had Annie set up and working so I could check her out. In case you don’t know who Abandoned Annie is please let me introduce you properly. 2.9 Ft Abandoned Annie Animatronic – Decor… When Annie was first brought home by her beloved owner, she was the prettiest...

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New For 2019: Home Accents Witch From Home Depot

If you were looking for a new witch prop, you are in luck. This year Home Depot is bringing in a new witch for their Halloween 2019 lineup. The new prop consists of a witch and a raven that banter back and forth when activated. Check out the video below. When the prop is activated the witch and her pet raven begin to have a conversation. “It’s going to be a scary night. Are you ready? What if I said No! Then I’ll have your wings clipped! Not so much. Stop your flapping and get ready to fly! It’s...

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Southern Ghost Stories in Kindle

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