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New For 2018: Diesel Mask With Pocket Fogger By Shattered FX

When you go to an event like Transworld you see lots of really great Halloween masks. There are a lot of highly skilled artists and production people that come up with some really amazing things that blow you away. For all the great new stuff I saw there was one mask that left me dumbfounded by the amazing innovation. Introducing the Diesel mask from Shattered FX. It has to be seen to be believed. The “Diesel” mask was originally released with Shattered FX’s new “Road Warriors” set of 3 premium silicone masks! Each is compatible with the Pocket Fogger...

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Spirit Halloween Announces That Menacing Molly Will Return For Halloween 2018

Typically Spirit Halloween doesn’t announce their new Halloween props until the late summer. Earlier this week Spirit tipped their cards a little and confirmed that Menacing Molly will be back for 2018. Molly was a new prop that was introduced in 2017. She was fairly popular and obviously there was enough demand to bring her back this year. Spirit Halloween doesn’t always bring back the same props each year. Sometimes they will retire them after one year or stop for a few years and bring them back when there is a demand. Menacing Molly wasn’t my favorite prop from...

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Elite Creature Collectibles Introduces Pennywise Bust at Monsterpalooza

Elite Creature Collectibles set the bar for 1:1 busts of horror icons. Their versions of Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street and Jason from Friday the 13th are legendary to collectors and are difficult to find. ECC only does one run and they sell out fast. This weekend at Monsterpalooza ECC unveiled their Pennywise bust, needless to say it’s spot on and looks just like Bill Skargard’s version of “The Dancing Clown” from It. Check out the picture from ECC’s Facebook page. I’m blown away by the Pennywise bust. From the hair to the teeth it looks just like...

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Get Ready For The Iron Spider Spider-Man Infinity War Costume and Action Figures

Everyone is pumped for Avengers: Infinity War this summer. Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Spider-Man and the gang are trying to prevent Thanos from destroying half the unviverse as he attempts to claim the Infinity Stones. This movie will be the biggest movie of the summer and Marvel is going to sell a ton of action figures and costumes when Halloween rolls around. Speaking of action figures, here’s the Spider-Man from Infinity War that every little boy is going to have to have after they see the film. If you watched Spider-Man Homecoming you saw the Iron-Spider costume...

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New For 2018: The Sorceress From Bixby Studios

Bixby Studios may not be a household name to those outside the haunt industry but if they keep churning out high quality busts and props like the ones they debuted at Transworld in St. Louis they will be soon. Last month they unveiled their Sorceress and as you can see from the pictures below it’s awesome. Bixby Studios offers two different variations of their Sorceress; the head can be purchased from their Signature Series Creature Heads and also as a full size static prop. The Sorceress Signature Series Creature Head is a new take on one of their older...

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