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Spirit Halloween Announces Nightmare Harvester Will Return For 2019

Last year Spirit Halloween rolled out the Nightmare Harvester and he quietly became one of the sleeper props for 2018. He did so well that they are bringing him back this year. If you don’t remember him or weren’t able to pick him up last year, here’s a video to remind you how creepy the Nightmare Harvester really is… 7.1 Ft Nightmare Harvester Animatronics   From another world beyond the darkness of the trees emerges the Nightmare Harvester. Ba… [More] Price: $269.99 Sale: $269.99 Buy Now When activated the Nightmare Harvester has three different phrases he will say to...

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Spirit Halloween Announces Hugz The Clown Will Return for 2019

Did you hear that? That’s the sound of Halloween creeping up on you! For the second time this week Spirit Halloween announced that another prop will be returning from last year. Earlier this week they announcedMan’s Possessed Friend would return for Halloween 2019. This morning they made a lot of people happy by announcing Hugz The Clown will be back too. If you aren’t familiar with Hugz check him out in the video below. 6 Ft Hugz the Clown Animatronics – Decor… – Spirit Halloween [More] Price: $209.99 Sale: $209.99 Buy Now If you want to add Hugz the...

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Spirit Halloween Announces Man’s Possessed Friend Will Return For 2019

You know Halloween is getting close when Spirit Halloween starts announcing which products will be returning. This year they are actually a week ahead of last year’s announcements. Now we can expect a slow drip of info about returning and new products from now until late July. First up for Halloween 2019 is Man’s Possessed Friend, a pretty cool animatronic dog that just happens to be possessed. If you aren’t familiar with him please check out the video below. 2.8 Ft Man’s Possessed Friend Animatroni… – Spirit Halloween [More] Price: $159.99 Sale: $159.99 Buy Now Spirit Halloween actually sold...

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New For 2019: 13′ Posable Skeleton From Scare Factory

Bigger is always better right? Of course it is when it comes to Halloween props! In recent years we have seen have seen an influx of seven foot tall props from Spirit Halloween and other manufacturers like Morbid Enterprises and Morris Costumes. This year Scare Factory is taking things to a different level with the thirteen foot tall posable skeleton. Its important to note that the prop is not an animatronic. The prop is static but it is posable and really, really tall. Here is a picture of the skeleton in the shop next to a man just to...

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It Chapter Two Trailer Released

You’ll float too! Everyone loves Pennywise and now we get our first good look at him in the upcoming It Chaper Two trailer that finally dropped today. It’s been two years since we first saw Pennywise terrorizing The Losers Club and now he’s going to do it all over again, except this time the kids are adults! Check out the video below. It Chapter Two will hit theaters on September 6, 2019. I would like to see them go back and do a prequel and show him living in colonial times in Maine. It was actually hinted at in...

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Everybody Loves Hugz!

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