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We may be a little behind the times but we are now finally on Facebook. Please like our Animatronic Hallowen Facebook page to get access to our news, reviews and discounts. There is a lot of new things coming down the pipe in the next few weeks and we want to stay connected to you!...

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New For 2019: Demonic Dahlia

Spirit Halloween keeps rolling out new props for Halloween 2019 as we get closer and closer to October. Today they unveiled their latest creature, Demonic Dahlia. Dahlia is pretty creepy and I know she will be a big hit at your Halloween party this October. This chick is creepy! Check out the video below to see her in action! When activated Dahlia springs into action and sits up immediately grabbing your attention. Dahlia then either says, “I told you to stay away.” or begins to laugh like someone who is about to eat your face. I really like that...

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Exclusive! Get 10′ Towering Reaper For Only $99.99

Spirit Halloween is having their big clearance sale to make room in their warehouse for all the new things coming for 2019. The ten foot tall Towering Reaper originally cost $249.99 last year plus shipping and handling. Now it has been reduced to $124.99 AND if you you use our exclusive 20% off one item promo code you can add the prop to your collection for only $99.99 plus shipping! That’s $125 below retail. Don’t forget to use our exclusive prop code 19SPIRITA7 when checking out. 10 Ft Towering Reaper Animatronics – Decor… – Spirit Halloween [More] Price: $249.99...

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New For 2019: The Collector From Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween keeps rolling out the hits with their latest creation, The Collector. It appears The Collector is a large reaper-like prop that will strike fear into the hearts and minds of your friends and family this October. This guy is collecting souls and storing them away in his large burlap sack. Take a look! Once activated The Collector begins to turn from side to side and his mouth moves as he utters the following phrases: “Once I take your soul, the body will die. I collect this now unneeded flesh to feed my army of demons so we...

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New For 2019: Tortured Torso From Spirit Halloween

You can’t have Halloween without a new zombie prop, can you? Well, the guys at Spirit Halloween heard you loud and clear. Today they rolled out their latest zombie animatronic, Tortured Torso. Here’s an up close video of the new zombie. Check it out below. 5.8 Ft Tortured Torso Constant Motion Anim… No one knows how Tom got to the tree that he’s been tied to for some time now, bu… [More] Price: $129.99 Sale: $129.99 Buy Now I have to admit, I’m not really a zombie guy. I watch the Walking Dead but I can’t seem to get...

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Southern Ghost Stories only $2.99 in Kindle

Everybody Loves Hugz!

6 Ft Hugz the Clown Animatronics “ Decor...

- Spirit Halloween [More]

Price: $209.99
Sale: $209.99

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Sweet Dreams Will Sell Out This Year. Order Him Now!

7 Ft Sweet Dreams Clown Animatronics “ D...

Rock-a-bye baby! This terrifying towering clown will provide you with everything but sw... [More]

Price: $299.99
Sale: $299.99

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