Halloween is getting closer and closer. And now that it is almost July, Spirit Halloween is starting to release their lineup of Halloween animatronics for 2023. The first up is Death Stalker If you aren’t familiar with him, please check out the video.

Death Stalker is straight up nightmare fuel. This guy is downright terrifying. Standing just over seven feet tall, Death Stalker is not something to mess around with.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, Death Stalker sold out in a few hours. So, if you want him, keep an eye out on Spirit Halloween’s website to see when and if he comes back. I imagine they will get more inventory in the next few weeks.

When activated, Death Stalker starts moving from side to side as he growls and makes horrible, eerie sounds. He also begins spraying a deadly mist from his mouth onto his prey (which is you).

At $279.99 Death Stalker is reasonably priced, but you are subjected to the oversized shipping fee that is now standard with any large Halloween prop.

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