As autumn approaches and the leaves start to turn, the spooky season is just around the corner, and you know what that means – Halloween is coming! And what better way to celebrate the season of scares than with the latest and greatest Halloween decorations from Spirit Halloween? This year, they have unveiled their most charming and endearing pumpkin prop yet – Gourdo! If you are’t familiar with Gourdo, please check out the video below!

Good old Gourdo loved scaring people. He would jump out around corners, pop up from behind the couch, hide in closets, wear camouflage, create elaborate outfits – whatever it took to get the scare. But, of course, it’s never a good idea to scare an elderly woman, especially if she’s a 200-year-old witch. Well, as soon as she gathered herself, the witch cursed poor old Gourdo, and now he’s permanently grinning as a jack-o’-lantern. It hasn’t stopped him from trying to scare folks, though. It’s only upped his appetite to scare you to death!

Gourdo is not your ordinary pumpkin prop. It’s a captivating, animatronic pumpkin character that is sure to steal the hearts of both children and adults alike. When activated Gourdo opens his mouth all the way to a whopping four feet and five inches tall! At $149.99 Gourdo is reasonably priced and won’t break the bank. However, the best props always run out early in the season. If you want him, pull the trigger early! You don’t want to be left out this October!

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