Man, Spirit Halloween has outdone themselves this year. They have some great new props for all the crazy animatronic fans like myself. If you like new clown props, you have to be stoked! Today they rolled out a new one called Mr. Punchy.

According to Spirit Halloween:

Mr. Punchy was a terrible clown. The kids wouldn’t laugh, and the parents always had that look on their faces that said it was time to find a new job. Finally, when his second-rate circus hit Tulsa, he’d had enough of cowboys sneering through their teeth at him. So he took his one talent for taking your best shot to a whole new level. Now when he spins back, you’d better duck because it’s a guaranteed knockout – forever.

Mr. Punchy will always look ready for a brawl while on display in your home with his gyrating upper body and sinister voice lines. At six feet tall his creepy light-up EL wire smile and menacing red LED light-up eyes will illuminate any home and make it feel just like the creepy circus from whence he came. Come one come all and get ready for a show!

When activated by a step pad or his sensor, Mr. Punchy says the following phrases:

“I’m a clown…. just spinning around. You’re a fool who’s going down, to HELL! Ha ha ha ha!”

“I have a secret…. hmmm mm mmm mmm… Come closer and I’ll tell you…. Closer…. Closer… Bwah ha ha haha ha ha ha ha!”

“Round and round and round I go. Where I stop…. soon you’ll know! Ha ha ha ha!”

“Come closer…I have something to tell you. It’s so funny, I promise you’ll… DIE LAUGHING! Ah ha ha ha ha.”

Standing at 6’4 Mr. Punchy is deceptively tall. I think he will be a great addition to my collection. I have a bunch of clowns, but Mr. Punchy will fit right in! Have you seen those creepy, gnarly hands? Very scary!

Be sure to check back soon. There are a lot of great new things about to drop! You don’t want to miss out!