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Tortured Torso Review

Halloween is almost here. You know what that means, right? Zombie, zombies and more zombies! This year Spirit Halloween has a new zombie prop out and it’s not like other zombie animatronics they’ve done in the past. If you haven’t yet seen Tortured Torso, here he is in all his glory. 5.8 Ft Tortured Torso Constant Motion Anim… No one knows how Tom got to the tree that he’s been tied to for some time now, bu… [More] Price: $129.99 Sale: $129.99 Buy Now I have to be upfront before we go any further, I’m not really a zombie...

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New For 2019: White Werewolf From Home Depot

Home Depot has quietly put together a string of Halloween’s where they have really raised their game. Last year’s Crouching Werewolf was really impressive and unlike most werewolf props you see in October. This year they have put a spin on the werewolf and have something unlike any I have seen in recent memory, a white werewolf. Here is a video if you have not seen it yet. When activated the werewolf begins moving from side to side and he begins to growl ferociously. I’m actually impressed with the White Werewolf. To see it online is one thing, but...

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New For 2019: Haunted Living Witch From Lowes

Lowes is finally beginning to set out their Halloween merchandise for 2019 and once again, they are bringing back an animated witch. The Haunted Living Witch is this year’s offering for people want to add a little Wicca to their Halloween. When activated the animatronic witch says one of the following five phrases. “Trick or treat! Ha ha ha ha ha!” “How about a kiss? He he he he he!” “So you want some treats? Ha ha ha ha ha!” “Is that a mask? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!” “Let me show you the true face of Halloween!...

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Waving Wally Review

When it comes to clown animatronics I’m usually the first in line telling Spirit Halloween to take my money. I have probably a dozen clown props in my collection that will produce get displayed during my Halloween party every year. When I first saw Waving Wally a month ago I was intrigued but I wasn’t sold. A waving clown isn’t as creepy as some others that Spirit Halloween has rolled out for Halloween 2019. If you aren’t familiar with Wally here he is. 6 Ft Waving Wally Constant Motion Animatro… Being the circus greeter for years, Waving Wally looks...

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New For 2019: Holiday Living Werewolf From Lowes

What’s old is new again! Lowes is bringing back their werewolf animatronic from last year with one small change. He’s wearing a different plaid shirt. Last year the werewolf was wearing a blue shirt. This year he is wearing a red shirt. So if you really hated the blue shirt and were hoping for a red one this year. It’s time to pull the trigger and bring the prop home. Check out the new/old werewolf below. I don’t hate the Lowe’s werewolf, but I don’t really love it either. At $149 it’s not very expensive compared to other props...

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Southern Ghost Stories in Kindle

Everybody Loves Hugz!

6 Ft Hugz the Clown Animatronics “ Decor...

- Spirit Halloween [More]

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Sweet Dreams Will Sell Out This Year. Order Him Now!

7 Ft Sweet Dreams Clown Animatronics “ D...

Rock-a-bye baby! This terrifying towering clown will provide you with everything but sw... [More]

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