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New For 2018: The Sorceress From Bixby Studios

Bixby Studios may not be a household name to those outside the haunt industry but if they keep churning out high quality busts and props like the ones they debuted at Transworld in St. Louis they will be soon. Last month they unveiled their Sorceress and as you can see from the pictures below it’s awesome. Bixby Studios offers two different variations of their Sorceress; the head can be purchased from their Signature Series Creature Heads and also as a full size static prop. The Sorceress Signature Series Creature Head is a new take on one of their older...

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New For 2018: Animated Creepy Girl From Gemmy

It’s barely April and we are starting to see things trickle out for Halloween 2018. That’s a good thing. Gemmy has started to reveal their new items for 2018 and their latest item is the animated Creepy Girl. The Creepy Girl stands at 5 feet tall when she is activated and fully erect. She rises up and down when activated and turns side to side. The Creepy Girl doesn’t have to be plugged into the wall. She runs on 4 AA batteries. I’m not really sure what to think about this prop. The Creepy Girl is a pretty good...

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Introducing Candy Crusher From Haunt Creations

Transworld is always the best place to find the latest and greatest Halloween props. Each year all the top companies in the Halloween industry come together in St. Louis and shows off their newest creations. This year there were so many cool things new for 2018 but the one thing that jumped out at me wasn’t exactly a new prop. It was one that has been out for a couple of years that managed to go under the radar, Candy Crusher. Check him out below. Candy Crusher – Face Details A post shared by Haunt Creations™ (@haunt_creations) on May...

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New For 2018: Soulless The Clown Mask from ShatteredFX

Ever since “It” dominated the box office last September everywhere you look someone putting their spin on Pennywise and other clowns and selling them online. We’ve seen masks, props and costumes of “The Dancing Clown” popping up on every Halloween site. With so many clown options at your fingertips a lot of them start to look the same. But when I recently stumbled across ShatteredFX’s mew premium silicone mask I was blown away at how good of a job they had done. The new mask is called “Soulless The Clown” and it really had people buzzing at Transworld last...

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New For 2018: Giant Puppet Dancer From Poison Props

I never really thought puppets were scary, that was until I saw the Giant Puppet Dancer from Poison Props. That big puppet is making question my position. The animatronic marionette made it’s debut at Transworld in the Poison Props booth last month and is one of their newest creations for Halloween 2018. Check out the video below to see how creepy the Giant Puppet Dancer really is. Just a heads up, you may never look at Pinocchio the same after you watch it. The Giant Puppet Dancer stands at seven feet tall and is dressed eerily similar to Pee...

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