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New For 2020: Home Accents 12 Foot Tall Skeleton Halloween Prop

It seems like everywhere you look people are talking about the new Home Accents 12 foot tall Skeleton Halloween prop. I’ve got to admit, it is pretty darn imposing. When you see a very large skeleton the size of a house out of the corner of your eye, you stop what you are doing and pay attention! If you aren’t familiar with the 12 foot tall Skeleton prop, please check out the video below. The super-sized skeleton doesn’t do a lot, but then again, he doesn’t really need to. He has some cool LCD eyes but as far as...

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Home Accents Animated Flaming Scarecrow Review

When I went to Home Depot to check out the new Halloween props I was expecting to be blown away by the large werewolf and maybe one or two others. But one thing caught me by complete surprise, the Animated Flaming Scarecrow animatronic. I saw him but didn’t immediately pay much attention to him. But when I saw him in action, I was completely blown away by how cool he was. If you haven’t the seen the Flaming Scarecrow in action please check out the video below. What I love about the Flaming Scarecrow is the fact that his...

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Sorta New For 2020: Holiday Living Werewolf From Lowes

Some things are certain in this life; death, taxes and a werewolf animatronic at Lowes each Halloween. This year Lowes is dusting off an old favorite, the Holiday Living Werewolf. If you aren’t familiar with the Holiday Living Werewolf please check out the video below. I know what you are thinking. Didn’t they do a werewolf prop last year. Yes they did. They also did one the year before. Each year Lowes brings him back, but each year he has a different color shirt on. This year the shirt is white and black with a black vest. In 2019...

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New For 2020: Holiday Living Bride and Groom Skeleton From Lowes

After Home Depot took their Halloween game to the next level, Lowes has tried to step up their game as well. Unfortunately for Halloween animatronic lovers Lowes hasn’t quite caught up, but they do get extra points for effort. While browsing through my local Lowes I noticed that they had some of their Halloween items out. One of the items that caught my eye was the Bride and Groom skeleton animatronic. If you haven’t seen it in action, here you go. When activated by a step pad or sensor the Bride and Groom’s eyes light up and their heads...

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New For 2020: Reaper Ride From Spirit Halloween

We told you back in January that the Pale Reaper was coming. Now he’s here, except he has a different name! The Reaper Ride has finally hit Spirit Halloween! If you aren’t familiar with the reaper on horseback, check out our video below! 7 Ft. Reaper Ride Animatronic – Decoration… Death waits for no one! Once midnight strikes the Reaper Rider is off and on their way … [More] Price: $549.99 Sale: $549.99 Buy Now According to Spirit Halloween: Death waits for no one! Once midnight strikes the Reaper Rider is off and on their way to secure their...

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Southern Ghost Stories in Kindle

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