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New For 2020: Kiddyland Teeter Totter Prop

What’s creepier than a zombie Halloween props? A zombie Halloween prop that is a child that wants to eat your face! Distortions Unlimited has a new line called Kiddyland that have introduced for Halloween 2020. From what I saw the props are very well done and look really good. If you haven’t seen them yet, please check out the video below. The Kiddyland Teeter Totter prop is extremely well done and would look great in the back yard with very little light. When people walk up and find two kids that are zombies playing on it they will definitely...

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New For 2020: Pennywise Animated Inflated Prop

After a ton of new Pennywise props for Halloween 2019 you’d think we have seen the last of them for a while. Well, you would be wrong! Morbid Enterprises has put a unique spin on the Dancing Clown we haven’t yet seen. Their new concept for Pennywise is an inflatable that rises out of the sewer. Check out the video below. I am not typically an inflatable kind of guy but this prop isn’t that bad. It’s more family-friendly than other Pennywise props and I don’t think that children will be scared of it. Other props that have came...

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New For 2020: Wailing Phantom

We saw a lot of new animatronic at HauntCon 2020 last weekend. Some of the were great, while some of them, well, at least they tried…. One of the ones that has been getting a lot of positive reviews is the Wailing Phantom. If you have yet to see the impressive phantom please check out the video below. If you read some of the reviews I’ve done over the years you know that I hate props with those silly glowing red eyes. Well, the Wailing Phantom doesn’t have those. In fact the phantom has some of those state of...

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New For 2020: Animated Hanging Ghoul From Morbid Enterprises

Now that HauntCon 2020 is in the rear-view mirror I am doing my best to get you all of the new stuff for the upcoming Halloween season up and on the site. One of the new items I saw in the Morbid Enterprises booth was the Animated Hanging Ghoul. When activated by a sensor or a step pad the ghoul’s head turns and his yellow eyes light up. He’s a pretty simple Halloween prop and doesn’t do a whole lot. The Hanging Ghoul has to be hung up and I’m not a big fan of those kind of Halloween...

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Animated Clown Halloween Prop From Morbid Enterprises

HauntCon 2020 is in the books and we saw some really good Halloween animatronics. We also saw some, well, props that can be improved upon. The idea is there but the execution may not have been the best in the world. Typically after HauntCon I upload all the new prop videos to Youtube. People tend to chime in in the comments and talk about what they like and don’t like about each prop. The new Animated Clown Prop from Morbid Enterprises got a ton of reaction in the comment section. If you haven’t seen the prop in action please...

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