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New For 2019: Clown On Stilts Animatronic

We are kind of in a lull between Transworld and the summertime when Spirit Halloween rolls out their props for Halloween 2019. However, I did stumble across a new prop that I cant find much information on. The animatronic is called “Clown on Stilts”. Here is a video of the prop. I am not really sure why the prop is called “Clown on Stilts” because, as you can see, there are not any stilts on the prop. The clown is tall but if he was on stilts surely the manufacturer would make the stilts a little more visible. Anyway,...

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New For 2019: I Scream Cart From Dead Farm Productions

Transworld 2019 is in the rear view mirror but we still have a few really cool things to show you from the big convention in St. Louis! One of my favorite new props I saw was I Scream from Dead Farm Productions. Check out the video from the Dead Farm Productions Facebook page. The idea behind this prop is pretty simple. It’s an ice cream cart that has a clown hiding inside that jumps out at unsuspecting guests. I’ve seen clowns and other creepy things jump out at people before, but I’ve never seen something jump out of an...

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New For 2019: Clown Chainsaw Lunger

What’s scarier than a clown? A clown with a freaking chainsaw coming right at you! Even if you took away the chainsaw this guy would be straight up terrifying. Get a good look at Poison Props latest creation from under the big top the Clown Chainsaw Lunger! This psycho clown is slicing up some poor guy who wasn’t fast enough to escape in half, then lifts the chainsaw over his head as his torso turns side to side. He shoots out 5′ over the table while head turns side to side. Nobody sees it coming and it is downright...

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New For 2019: Fancy Flying Witch Prop

When you think Halloween props several things come to mind, werewolves, clowns, vampires and of course, witches. Seasonal Visions is introducing a new witch for 2019, the Fancy Flying Witch. Check out the video below. There are a ton of witch animations on the market but I think the Fancy Flying Witch is very well done. The purple and orange striped socks really make this prop. It is something silly but I think it is really a nice touch. Also, if you look closely you will notice a black cat tucked away inside her back that she brought along...

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Everyone Is Talking About Zombie Scooby Doo at Transworld 2019

Transworld 2019 is finally here and haunters are finally getting to see what is going to be hot for Halloween this year. Everyone who is anyone is at the show this year and from what I’ve seen this fall is going to be so much fun. There is a lot of cool stuff this year but one booth that is getting a ton of buzz is Thirteenth Floor Entertainment. This year they have zombie Scooby Doo and friends on display at the show. Check out the video of Scooby below. View this post on Instagram Oh no … !...

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