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New For 2018: Sally From The Nightmare Before Christmas From Spirit Halloween

After the success of the Jack Skellington prop last year Spirit Halloween is going back to the well one more time. This year they are rolling out Jack’s love interest in The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sally. She is available now through Last year fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas were thrilled when Spirit Halloween introduced their version of Jack Skellington. The prop sold really well and was one of the most popular new props of 2017. Now fans of the film can add Sally to their collection. Maybe if they are lucky they will get the Pumpkin King...

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New For 2018: 3 Ft Flying Vulture From Spirit Halloween

We told you last week that a new vulture prop was coming from Spirit Halloween and now it’s here. Today Spirit Halloween officially released the prop on their Youtube account. Check out the video below. The prop is almost three tall and has a wing span of just over 5.5 feet long. When activated the vulture’s eyes turn red and his head begins to moves back and forth. The wings also start to move. The prop doesn’t talk but he does squawk and make noise as if he is about to attack. You will need four AA batteries to...

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New For 2018: Looming Strawman From Spirit Halloween

We’ve got all the latest props coming from Spirit Halloween this fall. Earlier today we broke the news about Hugz The Clown and now we’ve got another hot animatronic that hasn’t been released yet, The Looming Strawman. The Looming Strawman stands at six feet tall and weighs just over 15 pounds. When triggered the Strawman begins talking and his arms shoot out. The prop has four different phrases he will say as he lunges out to grab you. “I hear these parts are haunted. That doesn’t scare you? Worried that someone is going to grab you? (Arms shoot forward)...

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New For 2018: Hugz The Clown From Spirit Halloween

We’ve got a secret and it hasn’t been announced yet. Spirit Halloween has an awesome new animatronic clown prop coming out this fall. His name is Hugz and as you can see from the video below, he’s happy to see you and wants to give you a hug. Hugz stands six feet tall and weighs 13 pounds. When activated the clown has three different phrases his will say. “Hey there, friend! Welcome to the fun house! Come a little closer, we’ve got fun, and games, and….HUGS! (Lunges toward you) Aw… HAHA. I’ll get you next time. HEHEHE!” “Step right...

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New For 2018: Nightmare Harvester From Spirit Halloween

We told you it was coming yesterday and today Spirit Halloween made it official. Here it is, the Nightmare Harvester…. Check out the video below. When we broke the news yesterday we called the prop the Scarecrow Boogeyman. But I guess Nightmare Harvester does sound a whole lot more sinister. The Nightmare Harvester stands six feet tall and weighs 16.5 pounds. When triggered the animatronic moves from side to side and his mouth moves as says three different phrases to creep your friends out at your Halloween party. “Now that you’re here and here for good, scream if you...

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