What is Spirit Halloween doing? Is this Christmas in July, or is it Halloween on New Years? I can’t keep up. Spirit Halloween isn’t just waiting until the summertime to roll out their latest props, they are now introducing them in January! I can’t keep up anymore.

Spirit Halloween’s latest offering is the creepy Dr. Illume.

According to Spirit Halloween:

The good doctor had the perfect life with a lovely wife, two adorable children, a nice house, and a thriving practice. Unfortunately, this good doctor spent his time cheating his patients by making their prescriptions in his home lab. When his nurse found out, he went mad with fear and swallowed all of his latest concoction to spare his family from the truth – but the results of this experiment turned out much, much worse.

The poor doctor appears to have had a reaction to some of the chemicals he recently digested. When activated by a step pad or sensor Dr. Illume’s eyes turn a strange shade of neon green as he begins to rock back and forth while screaming in agony as the radioactive chemicals make their way into his bloodstream.

At $219.99 Dr. Illume seems to be lined-priced with other life-size props that are on their website. Just be careful, because he is considered a life-size prop and will incur additional shipping charges. However, if you know where to look, you can find 20% off codes that will bring the price down considerably.

You won’t find Dr. Illume in stores. He is an online exclusive. And like I always say, don’t wait to pull the trigger. The best props are always gone by late August/early September so you don’t want to be left out in the cold. If you really like Dr. Illume, get him now! Don’t wait.

Keep checking back! There’s more cool stuff on the way!