If you thought 2021 was a big year for Spirit Halloween, just wait until you see what they are doing for 2022! We are only a few days into the new year and Spirit Halloween has already released two new props!

This time we are getting the haggard-looking Soothsayer Witch.

According to Spirit Halloween:

You’re frozen in fear as you stand before the Soothsayer Witch. Her haunting words draw you in close, cascading down your spine and causing your hair to stand on end. She sees your future, and it’s nothing but a desolate cavern where your hopes once lived. In a horrible whisper, she warns of evil forces that crave your soul with ferocious hunger.

Her rotting teeth and decaying fingernails are impossible to ignore as her wart-covered jaw moves and her claw-like hand waves slowly back and forth. In her other hand, she clutches a mysterious color-changing globe. It’s mesmerizing, but something tells you not to stare at it for long. Its purpose is malicious, and you can feel the wicked energy that it draws in like a magnet. You want nothing more than to escape, but your body remains still. Rigid.

When activated, the Soothsayer Witch’s LED eyes light up and begin to look into her crystal ball to tell your future. She begins to move her arm and head as her mouth moves as the old nasty witch begins to repeat one of four different phrases.

“I see the veil becomes thinner you’re future becomes more clear and fraught with doom! There are many evils pulling you towards them, myself included! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

“The spirits call to me from beyond the veil, they whisper things…enticing things…dark things…they have plans for you. You don’t have much time – you best get your affairs in order…”

“I call upon the great beyond; show me what the future holds for this fool before me. I now see the sacrifice that must be made! Your blood does not have to be given willingly – in fact, I would enjoy it more if it was not ha ha ha ha!”

“The voices whisper their guidance through me…they carve out two paths for you to walk. The first is to run safely away, the other is to move forward into the black abyss. Enticing choices eh?”

The Soothsayer Witch stands right 5’7 and is a pretty impressive prop. At $299.99 she’s not exactly cheap, but she’s priced around what you would expect from a life-size prop with LED eyes. She’s also an oversized prop so shipping will cost a little more than regular size props. But, if you know where to look, you can easily find 20% off discount codes to bring the Soothsayer down around $160 before shipping fees.

Be sure to check back! There are a lot of cool things in store for you in 2022!