What better way to say “I love you” than a new animatronic zombie prop from Spirit Halloween. That’s right, on Valentine’s Day Spirit Halloween dropped their latest animated Halloween prop for their 2022 lineup. Check this out!

According to Spirit Halloween:

Gerry is not a great guy. He cheated at poker, stole from the grocery store, and lied to his boss. One Halloween night, Gerry came home, after a full day of stealing candy from trick o’ treaters to find the power shut off and the house cold. He stumbled over to the old woodpile and grabbed the ax, but when he took the first swing, he slipped on a stray candy wrapper and was never the same. Now Gerry wanders these country roads writhing in pain, looking for someone to finish the job . . . or some candy.

Give your visitors the ultimate scare by putting this Gerry animatronic on display in your home this Halloween. This animatronic features red LED light-up eyes and an upper body that rocks left and right to catch your guests off guard when they least expect it!

At $199.99 Gerry is priced inline with other mid-tier Halloween props from Spirit Halloween. Keep in mind you will have to pay additional shipping charges since Gerry is considered to be an oversized item. Oversized items are pretty much standard nowadays so it shouldn’t come as a shock. Also, if you want to spend a little less, keep your eyes out for Spirit Halloween discount codes. They are pretty easy to come by and you will be able to take an additional 20% off.

When activated Gerry begins to groan and rock back and forth in front of you. He stands right at 5’4 and weighs approximately 20 pounds. There is some assembly required but it shouldn’t be too hard to bring the zombie prop to life.

Keep checking back. Lots more cool stuff is on the way for Halloween 2022!