Spirit Halloween rolled out the big guns over the weekend in their flagship store in New Jersey. One of the new Spirit Halloween props for 2021 that everyone was in awe over is the new Baphomet animated prop.

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Baphomet is pretty bad ass and super imposing. As he stands in front of you, even though you know he isn’t real you are very respectful and don’t act up! This guy is a straight up warrior and doesn’t put up with any foolishness.

At $299.99 Baphomet isn’t a cheap prop, but to me it looks like he is well worth it. The half-ram half-reaper is holding a deadly sickle and isn’t afraid to use it. You can see that he starts moving it around when he is activated.

I like the originality of the new prop. We see reaper props every year, but this year Spirit Halloween threw us a new wrinkle and we get the cool Baphomet animatronic. You also have to give them extra bonus points for having his mouth move when he talks. Anyone who knows me knows that that is a big pet peeve of mine.

Please keep checking back. There are a lot of cool props coming your way! Halloween will be here very soon!