How do you make a creepy female clown even scarier? Well, you hang her upside down and put a knife in her mouth, of course! We have already seen her boyfriend Henry Hustle, but over the weekend Spirit Halloween quietly rolled out Harriet Hustle in their flagship store in New Jersey.

If you aren’t familiar with Harriet, check out the video below! Also, be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel!

At $179.99 Harriet Hustle is reasonably priced and not one of the high ticket items I saw recently. She isn’t very big, but on the other hand, she really doesn’t need to be. Harriet is very creepy and gives off an eerie vibe as she hangs upside and swings back and forth. I think she would look great tucked away in a corner of the garage where there isn’t much light. When someone walks by she starts swinging and scaring the hell out of them.

The knife is a very nice touch. Spirit Halloween could’ve easily just had a creepy girl clown hanging upside down and called it a day. But, when you stick in her mouth, it really dials the spooky factor all the way up to eleven!

I wasn’t blown away by a lot of Halloween props over the weekend, but Harriet was one of the first ones to really jump out at me and get may attention. I’m seriously thinking about adding her to my collection this year! I just have to make some space for her somewhere!

Please keep checking back! There is a lot of new stuff to cover this year and we are just getting started! Spirit Halloween has a very impressive lineup and I can’t wait until October! It will be here before we know it.