Two weeks ago in New Jersey, we got the first look at one my of my favorite new props for 2021, Harriet Hustle. Today Spirit Halloween finally broke the news and officially unveiled her on their website.

According to Spirit Halloween:

Harriet is always hanging around waiting for her next victim . . . I mean mark. She learned all her skills for clowning and conning from her dear old dad Henry but when mom split with the ringmaster, times got tough, and her talent as a knife thrower took on a whole new side hustle. Now she lifts wallets while dad has you distracted. Just don’t accuse either of cheating, or you will end up dealing the next hand six feet under.

It’d be best to watch your back this Halloween and double check those pockets once you put this Harriet Hustle animatronic on display. Watch as she swings back and forth and swivels her head around looking for her next victim.

I’ve said it all along, Harriet Hustle is one of my favorite animatronics for 2021. How do you make a clown creepier? Hang her upside down and put a knife in her mouth! Spirit Halloween turned the creepy all the way up to 11 for this one.

At $179.99 Harriet Hustle is not too expensive. I can’t wait to add her to my collection. I think she would look great over in dimly lite corner of my garage with a strobe light close by. She is going to freak all my friends and family out! I might even have some eerie carnival music playing in the background for this scene.

If you pull the trigger and buy Harriet Hustle, she won’t ship until late September, but I assure you that you will have her in plenty of time for Halloween.

Please check back soon. There are some cool things that are about to drop!