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New For 2019: Headless Help

We told you there were more cool Spirit Halloween animatronics coming and we weren’t lying. Spirit Halloween has a really cool butler animated prop for 2019 that is a little different than most. He’s missing his head! Check out the video of Headless Help below. 5.4 Ft Headless Help Animatronic – Decorat… Preston loved working as a butler. He did his job with passion, and it really showed. O… [More] Price: $229.99 Sale: $229.99 Buy Now Headless Help stands 5’4 but would be taller if he wasn’t missing his head. When activated the butler says the following phrases: “I...

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New For 2019: Jack Straw From Spirit Halloween

Who doesn’t like a creepy scarecrow animatronic? Well, Spirit Halloween heard you this year and has a brand new one for you. Introducing Jack Straw! Check out the video below to see him for yourself. 5.8 Ft Jack Straw Animatronic – Decoration… Farmer Jack hated when people would step foot onto his property without permission. He … [More] Price: $199.99 Sale: $199.99 Buy Now Jack Straw appears to be sitting when you first approach but once he is activated he jumps to attention and begins to make a screeching sound! Standing 5’8 Jack Straw is a pretty good sized...

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New For 2019: Clown Ferris Wheel Animatronic From Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween has done it again! They keep churning out creepy new props for 2019 and this time they have another creepy doll prop, the Clown Ferris Wheel animated prop. Fans of the creepy doll props are going to love it! If you have not seen the Clown Ferris wheel prop please check out the video below. 6 Ft Clown Ferris Wheel Animatronic – Deco… Add a creepy clown vibe to your Halloween scene with this clown Ferris wheel! Around an… [More] Price: $349.99 Sale: $349.99 Buy Now We first saw the Clown Ferris wheel in January at HauntCon...

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New For 2019: Emperor of Souls From Spirit Halloween

I was almost certain that Spirit Halloween wouldn’t have a cooler animated prop this year than Crouchy the Clown. However, Spirit Halloween has once again outdone themselves and has rolled out something just as awesome if not slightly better. Let me introduce you to the Emperor of Souls. Check out the video below. When activated the Emperor of Souls moves his head from side to side and begins to move his mouth as he speaks several different phrases. “Yes, yes proceed to enter. You are right to shiver before me. I am judge, jury, and executioner all in one....

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New For 2019: Ring Around The Rosie From Spirit Halloween

The old creepy doll props are back and this time they are going around in a circle singing ‘Ring Around The Rosie’. We first saw this prop back in January at HauntCon in New Orleans and now they are official for Spirit Halloween’s 2019 lineup. In case you forgot, here is a refresher. 2.8 Ft Ring Around the Rosie Animatronic -… Did you think “Ring Around the Rosie” was a sweet song that children sang a… [More] Price: $199.99 Sale: $199.99 Buy Now I’m not sure what to think. I’ve never been a fan of the creepy doll props...

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