Spirit Halloween has been on a roll lately. They’ve been rolling out new props just about every single day and today we got to see a new animatronic called Miserable Marie.

In case you aren’t familiar with Miserable Marie, please check out this video.

According to Spirit Halloween,

Marie likes to wash the dishes and listen to the birds. She could hear her husband Pete firing up the buzz saw at the old mill and the chickens clucking outback. Those things are also the reason she didn’t hear the Zombies that were accidentally unleashed from the secret government facility climbing up her front porch steps. At least Marie got to hear the birds one last time before they ate her face. Now, she and Pete can be together forever.

When Marie is activated by a step pad or sensor she begins to let out a terrible groan. She also moves around as if she is in horrible pain. Her husband, Punctured Pete is also available and I imagine they look good together.

Standing at roughly five feet tall, Miserable Marie has the size of a little old lady who has been turned into a zombie. She looks pretty creepy and I think she’d do very well in a dimly lit room at my Halloween party. I am going to take a hard look at her when stores open in a few weeks. I think she might make a great addition to my ever-growing collection.

At $169.99 Miserable Marie is reasonably priced considering that most prop go for $199.99 and up nowadays. Don’t forget there is a small oversized shipping charge but that can be offset by a 20% off coupon code that is fairly easy to find.

Please continue to check back as there is more new stuff coming your way in the coming days. Spirit Halloween is right in the middle of their big reveal! Their 2020 lineup is impressive and I can’t wait to see what’s next!