Spirit Halloween is on a roll with their new props. Today a new one leaked online, the animatronic Nighcrawler!

According to Spirit Halloween.

Tossed to the streets by deadbeat parents when just a teen, Nightcrawler learned how to live in the shadows, fend for itself and make friends with the denizens of the night. Years of crouching in the darkest corners of society permanently changed him into a crawling monster that only emerges at night when the sun doesn’t burn its pale skin, and Nightcrawlers’s beady eyes can find its feast for the night. Lock up your pets – and yourself!

The Night Crawler animatronic has red light-up eyes and moves its body from side to side. Its head pops up for a startling scare.

We don’t know just how much the prop will cost but I imagine the prop will go live on their site in the coming days.

Keep checking back. There’s a lot of really cool stuff coming down the pipe!