Just when you think the news couldn’t get any better! Not only will Spirit Halloween begin opening stores in August they will also announced their first new (old) animatronic for Halloween 2020! Uncle Charlie will be making his way to your Halloween parties this year, as long as you pick him up at Spirit Halloween, or their website, that is…

In case you forgot about ol’ Uncle Charlie, here is a refresher.

Lifesize Uncle Charlie Light-Up Prop by Sp…

Additional informationMother always warned you to stay away from creepy Uncle Charlie….. [More]

Price: $209.99
Sale: $209.99

Uncle Charlie is actually a returning prop. He was introduced in 2010 and is being brought back this year to scare up some fun!

When activated Uncle Charlie moves his head and begins to speak a number of phrases.

Mother always warned you to stay away from creepy Uncle Charlie… Even if he is a real clown.

Mom also said don’t take candy from strangers – When did you ever listen to her?

The creepy clown prop retails for $209.99 and can be had for 20% off if you know where to look for promo codes. Spirit Halloween mentioned that Uncle Charlie has been refreshed from the 2010 version. I’m excited to see how he looks and will be doing a review as soon as we seen him up close and personal.

Keep checking back as there is a lot more about to be released. You don’t want to miss out.