We all know Home Depot has really put they floor on the gas the past few years and has really picked things up when it comes to Halloween. This year they are rolling out some old favorites with a fresh coat of pain.

We’ve seen the Grim Reaper done to death (pardon the pun). But this year Home Accents has tried to turn the volume up a little by giving him a pretty gnarly-looking sickle.

The new Reaper stands right at six feet tall and will retail for $99.99. And if you know anything about Home Depot, they will start reducing the price in early October so don’t get to impatient with this one. I imagine he will be around in mid-October and you will be able to pick him up for a discounted price.

A few years ago I bought several of the Reaper props and got some masks online to make them a little creepier. A little creativity can go a long way around Halloween.

Halloween will be here soon! Keep checking back as Spirit Halloween will start rolling out their 2020 lineup in the coming weeks!