Every year we see a trend when it comes to new Halloween animatronics. Two years ago we started to see large Halloween animatronic that stood at least seven feet tall. The last year we saw even more large props for Halloween 2019. For Halloween 2020 it appears that the new animatronics are going to be even bigger. That’s right, the props we saw are at least ten feet tall and can be used as entrance ways into your home or home haunt. If you haven’t seen the new Catacomb Creature prop please check out the video below!

The Catacomb Creature is massive. When you have a ten foot tall animatronic to greet your guests at your Halloween party they will instantly be impressed. I typically subscribe to the theory of bigger is better when it comes to Halloween animatronics. But in the case of the Catacomb Creature I’m not sure I agree. I don’t hate the prop but I feel he is a tad bit generic. However, I understand that you have to keep props affordable and the more detail and effort you put into props the more they will cost.

Depending on where you find the Catacomb Creature he will likely retail for $249 to $299. That isn’t too terribly expensive when you compare him to other Halloween props in recent years. Nowadays anything under $300 is considered affordable when you look at what is out there.

I do not think we will see the Catacomb Creature at Spirit Halloween but it is a little early to know for sure. Typically Spirit Halloween doesn’t start revealing their new items until the late summertime so we will have to wait a little while before we know for sure. If I had to guess we will see the prop at stores like Halloween City and Halloween Express in the fall.

Keep checking back. We have more things rolling out in the coming months and you don’t want to miss out!