When it comes to Halloween animatronic you know my motto. “The bigger, the better!” Well it looks like I’m getting my wish as half a dozen or so ten foot props will be hitting the market later this year. One of the larger Halloween props I saw at HauntCon was the Underworld Clown Animatronic. If you haven’t seen him yet, here is the video.

The Underworld Clown Animatronic is pretty massive and that’s what I like best about him. I do wish that his mouth moved or his eyes blinked every now and then but they would likely have to make the prop a lot more expensive if they did all that.

The oversized prop will likely retail in the $249 to $299 range but that price could vary from retailer to retailer. We won’t really know the prices of the new props until the late summer when they are available at big box and online retailers.

Keep checking back. There’s a lot more cool stuff coming out soon. You aren’t going to believe some of the stuff we are getting this year!