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New For 2019: Spinning Ghostly Twins From Morbid Enterprises

Transworld is upon us and with it, more creepy Halloween props. First up is the Spinning Ghostly Twins from Morbid Enterprises. At HauntCon I saw this prop up close and was immediately intrigued by what I saw with the two scary looking twins holding on to each other. The prop is supposed to spin in a circle as they chant some creepy phrase to you that is intended to freak you out. It’s not that I don’t like this prop. I just think that the Spinning Ghostly Twins looks a lot like Double Trouble, the ghoulish twin prop that...

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New For 2019: Abomination From Poison Props

This is your last chance to turn around. The new Abomination animatronic prop from Poison Props might just scare the hell out of you so you might not want to watch the video below. This is your last chance. Turn back now if you don’t think you can handle it. Ok, you’ve been warned! The new Abomination animatronic from Poison Props is pretty awesome and has been turning heads at Transworld. The fact that some crazy chick possessed by something is crouched up into the corner of a room is freaky enough. Then she has to jump out and...

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New For 2019: Cracking Crypt Prop

HauntCon is in the past and we are on to Transworld this weekend in St. Louis. One prop we haven’t put up yet is one of the creepiest yet! Check out the Cracking Crypt Prop that is new for 2019 from Distortions Unlimited. Here is a video of the prop in action. Cracking Crypt Prop is a pretty cool prop. What’s scarier than a zombie crawling out of the ground? A zombie ripping a tombstone into two pieces is the correct answer! This would look great in the backyard surrounded by some foam tombstones. As your friends and family...

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New For 2019: Southern Ghost Stories: Haunted History

Spring is upon us and fall is still several months away. How do you keep the Halloween spirit alive in March and April? You watch scary movies and read books about real life ghosts, of course! If you like reading about haunted places you can visit we highly recommend checking out Southern Ghost Stories: Haunted History. The south has a lot of history and not all of it is very good. For only $2.99 in Kindle this book is a steal. Here’s a preview. Southern Ghost Stories: Haunted History is available at as well as The book...

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New For 2019: Dolly From Distortions Unlimited

Distortions Unlimited is known for their high quality Halloween props and is typically considered one of the premier high end prop makers. For 2019 they rolled out their latest creations at HauntCon in New Orleans earlier this year. One of the props that had a lot of people talking was Dolly. Check out the video below. Dolly is a really cool prop. She doesn’t do a lot but, then again, a creepy doll doesn’t really have to. Dolly turns her head and giggles when activated. She reminds me of something from Goosebumps. Dolly also slightly resembles Annabelle from the...

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