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New For 2018: Twitching Ghoul Animated Prop

It’s not even March and we are already seeing tons of new Halloween props for 2018 hitting the trade show floors and find their way to the internet. Morris Costumes is on a roll this year with several really cool props like Sweet Dreams the Towering Clown and the Winter Dragon. Now they have unveiled the Twitching Ghoul which will be released this summer in time for Halloween 2018. Here is a video of the Twitching Ghoul in action. Check it out. The Twitching Ghoul is pretty cool but he’s also similar to other skeleton props out there. I...

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New for 2018: Giant Slim Demon

It looks like the Slenderman could be the hot Halloween prop for 2018. After Pennywise jolted the industry in 2017 for clowns it looks like we will see an influx of tall creepy Slenderman-type props this year. Morris Costumes unveiled a Slim Soul Stealer at HauntCon in January and now it appears that Morbid Entertainment is getting into the Slenderman business with a Giant Slim Demon animated prop in time for Halloween 2018. We saw several new Halloween props that stood over seven feet tall in 2017 with the Forest Demon and Towering Evil Clown from Spirit Halloween. Now...

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New For 2018: Drop Portrait Nun

One of the creepiest things I’ve seen in a recent horror movie is the nun in The Conjuring films. Ed and Lorraine Warren have to figure out a way to defeat a demon named Valak who is terrorizing children in the UK. Eventually Lorraine defeats Valak and sends him back to the afterlife. Now fans of the film can have their very own Valak to feature in their haunted houses around Halloween. Poison Props released a new Drop Portrait Nun that is one of the coolest pneumatic props I’ve seen for 2018. Check out the Drop Portrait Nun in...

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New For 2018: Funko Introduces Pennywise and Losers’ Club Action Figures

YOU’LL FLOAT TOO! YOU’LL FLOAT TOO! Now you can recreate your favorite scenes from “It” now that Funko is releasing their line of action figures featuring your favorite characters from the 2017 blockbuster. Funko made the announcement this weekend at Toy Fair in New York City. Funko will release the figures in three packs. The first set features Pennywise (with red balloon) with Georgie (with paper boat) and Bill Denbrough (with flashlight). The second set features Pennywise (with a bloody arm) with Ben Hanscom (with backpack) and Beverly Marsh (with weapon). The third set features Pennywise (with different arms)...

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New For 2018: NECA Announces Pennywise Action Figures

If you are a fan of the It you are in luck. NECA announced today at the New York Toy Fair that they are producing two Pennywise action figures. The two figures will feature the 1990 Pennywise portrayed by Tim Curry as well as the latest incarnation portrayed by Bill SkarsgĂ„rd in 2017’s version of the film. Here are the two action figures as featured on NECA’s Instagram page. They were put up on Instagram to coincide with the first day of Toy Fair in New York City that kicked off today. Here’s the 2017 version. #ToyFair2018 Day 1...

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