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New For 2020: Animated Book Witch From Home Depot

As we all have seen, Home Depot has elevated their Halloween game in recent years. We are starting to see what will be in stores this year and one that I’ve seen that I like is the Animated Book Witch. If you haven’t seen Home Depot’s newest witch please check out the video below. When the witch is activated by a step pad or a sensor she begins turning her torso and her eyes light up. She begins reading spells from her book and speaks one of four different phrases. The Animated Book Witch stand roughly seven feet tall...

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New For 2020: Mr. Salty From Spirit Halloween

We told you he was coming! Now he’s here! Mr. Salty has finally made his debut and will be featured as one of the newest Halloween animatronics at Spirit Halloween. 6 Ft Mr. Salty Animatronic – Decorations b… After years as a struggling song and dance man on the Vaudeville circuit, Mr. Salty fin… [More] Price: $349.99 Sale: $349.99 Buy Now According to Spirit Halloween, After years as a struggling song and dance man on the Vaudeville circuit, Mr. Salty finally snapped. He turned in his tap shoes for clown shoes and greasepaint and he was never happier. Now...

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New For 2020: Life-Sized Animated Old Time Clown From Home Depot

Home Depot has really stepped up their Halloween animatronic game in recent years. That is quite evident when you see their latest offerings for 2020. My favorite new Home Depot Halloween prop is the Old Time Clown from Home Accents. If you haven’t seen the new clown prop from Home Depot, check out the video below. When activated by a step pad or sensor the Old Time Clown’s eyes light up as he begins to turn his head. His mouth also moves while he speaks to his new victim, I mean friend. As he greets you the Old Time...

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New For 2020: Harvester of Souls Animatronic From Spirit Halloween

Oh my God! Just when I thought Spirit Halloween had gone and made one of the best Halloween animatronic I’ve ever seen they go and top themselves again! Don’t get me wrong, the Krampus prop is amazing but have you seen the Harvester of Souls? This guy freaking awesome! If you haven’t seen what the buzz is about check this out! 6.2 Ft Harvester of Souls Animatronic – De… He climbed from the depths of hell to collect souls for his evil horde. The Harvester o… [More] Price: $299.99 Sale: $299.99 Buy Now According to Spirit Halloween, He climbed...

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New For 2020: Angeline From Spirit Halloween

The countdown to Halloween is on, and Spirit Halloween continues to roll out new props. Today their latest animatronic is a little girl named Angeline. According to Spirit Halloween, She skips, she plays jacks, she loves dolls, her precious bear Fuzzy, and the undead. Angeline was always special. Her grandmother recognized it right away, and the pair spent hours talking to her dear departed grandfather. Now that granny is gone, Angeline has no one to share her gift with except her friends at the local cemetery. She isn’t scared – but you should be. When activated by a sensor...

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