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New For 2020: Pale Rider Animatronic

If you enjoyed the Headless Horseman Halloween prop last year chances are you are going to love the new Pale Rider animatronic from Morris Costumes. I know I say it a lot but Morris Costumes consistently delivers some of the best props we see each year. Check out the video below and see the Pale Rider for yourself. When activated the animatronic reaper’s green eyes light up and the horse starts moving it’s front legs. When the horse snorts fog comes out of his nose. It makes for a pretty cool visual. That’s when the reaper says several phrases....

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New For 2020: Looming Clown Animatronic

HauntCon 2020 is upon us and from what I saw today we are going to have a lot of fun this fall! Morris Costumes, also known as Seasonal Visions, has one of the best booths each year. And this year was no different! One of the first things I saw when I walked over to their booth was a ten foot tall clown prop that doubles as an entrance. This guy is really big and super imposing. Check out the video from HauntCon and check out the Looming Clown for yourself! When activated the Looming Clown’s eyes light up...

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New For 2020: Demon Rising From Distortions Unlimited

You’ve got to hand it to Distortions Unlimited. While most other prop companies are still trying to figure out what they are doing for 2020 Distortions Unlimited is rolling out new props before New Year’s Eve! Last week we saw their latest prop-a take on Nosferatu that is pretty darn cool. This weekend they quietly rolled out their newest animatronic, Demon Rising. Check out the video to see him for yourself. I’m not a huge fan of the pop up animatronics but Demon Rising is amazingly well done and you can tell they pay great attention to detail.He is...

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New For 2020: Nosferatu By Distortions Unlimited

We are a few weeks away from 2020 and I’m proud to tell you about the first Halloween prop for the upcoming year. I have to commend Distortions Unlimited for not only coming out with the first Halloween prop, but it might just be the best. Let me introduce you to Nosferatu! According to Distortions Unlimited website, Nosferatu is a Distortions Unlimited Legend display prop, sculpted by Jordu Schell, and is around 6 ft. 3 in. tall. This classic vampire character is based on Count Orlok, from the 1922 German Horror film “Nosferatu.” Masterfully made by Distortions. Made of...

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Ten Halloween Props We Want To See In 2020

Halloween 2019 is in the books and I’m sure it was a record year for those who make props that you find at Halloween Express, Spirit Halloween and other retail stores. Now we can start thinking about Halloween 2020 and all the fun stuff that is around the corner. Last year we put out a list of props we wanted to see in 2019. And someone must’ve been paying attention because we actually got one of them, Pennywise, who was #4 on our list. 10.Chuck E. Cheese With all the attention to animatronics recently, with the new Nicholas Cage...

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