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New For 2018: Man’s Possessed Friend From Spirit Halloween

Everyone loves dogs right? They are man’s best friend. Well, leave it to Spirit Halloween to go and twist that all around and make a new Halloween prop featuring Bubba, the not so friendly dog. Here is Spirit Halloween’s latest creation for 2018, Man’s Possessed Friend. Check out the video below. 2.8 Ft Man’s Possessed Friend Animatroni… – Spirit Halloween [More] Price: $159.99 Sale: $159.99 Buy Now When activated Bubba the possessed dog will start barking and spring from his doghouse in your direction. The animated prop is activated by motion or sound and is step pad compatible. I’m...

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New For 2018: Ghostly Tricycle From Spirit Halloween

Just when you thought Spirit Halloween had released all their 2018 Halloween props they just keep them coming. Today Spirit Halloween unveiled their latest creation, the Ghostly Tricycle. I’ll be honest, when I first saw the Ghostly Tricycle I rolled my eyes. I wasn’t impressed. Then I took a few seconds to watch the video and I changed my mind. It’s not the best prop Spirit Halloween has done for 2018 but it is pretty darn creative. What’s creepier than an old rusty tricycle that moves on it’s own. I can’t think of much. The prop runs off of...

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New For 2018: Burlap Horror Scarecrow

We told you it was coming a few days ago, and now it’s here. Welcome to the 2018 Spirit Halloween collection the Burlap Horror Scarecrow. He will fit right in with the Spirit Halloween creepy farm theme they are doing this year in stores. Check him out below. The Burlap Horror Scarecrow doesn’t say anything but he does growl and snarl as he stalks his prey. He sounds pretty ferocious and it’s probably better than the BHS doesn’t say anything hokey like other props who say silly things when activated. The animatronic is activated by a sensor but also...

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New For 2018: Crawling Dead From Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween has been churning out Halloween props left and right for the month of July. From scarecrows to Michael Myers we’ve seen it all, except zombies. Well, Spirit Halloween has corrected that and now they’ve unleashed The Crawling Dead animatronic on us. Check out the video below. 3 Ft Crawling Dead Animatronics with Remo… Beware of the crawling dead. This undead woman is starving for human flesh! You’r… [More] Price: $139.99 Sale: $139.99 Buy Now At just over a foot and a half tall and 38 inches wide The Crawling Dead animated prop isn’t the largest prop Spirit...

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New For 2018: Animated Giant Possessed Nun From Party City

Ever since The Conjuring came out a few years ago everyone has been terrified of Valak, the scary nun in the film. I’m surprised that no one jumped on that sooner and made a nun prop last year. We’re in luck this year because Halloween is all over it and has one that will be out in time for Halloween 2018. Check out the video below. The Animatronic Nun stands five feet tall. When activated the prop shrieks and begins to move back and forth as her blue eyes light up. The Nun, a spin-off to The Conjuring films...

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The Must Have Prop For 2018: The Winter Dragon

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