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New Spirit Halloween Vulture Prop Leaked

UPDATE The vulture has officially been released. Find out more here. Spirit Halloween has been extremely busy releasing new props for the 2018 Halloween season this summer. With Michael Myers, Sweet Dreams and Bump N Go Chucky on the way Halloween looks to be a lot of fun. But Spirit Halloween has even more in store for us. After finding out about the 7 foot tall Scarecrow Boogeyman prop that is about to drop has discovered another animated prop is on the way. This time it’s a vulture. Pretty creepy, right? I’ve seen animated bats at different Halloween...

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New Spirit Halloween 2018 Animatronic Leaked

AnimatronicHalloween has come across a picture of a leaked Spirit Halloween prop for their upcoming 2018 season. The prop will likely be officially unveiled by the Spirit Halloween Youtube account in the next few days. The prop appears to be some kind of scarecrow boogeyman. It looks to be around 7 foot tall and has the same frame as Sweet Dreams, the creepy new clown they will be selling this year. It’s not known exactly what he does until they roll out a video introducing the new animatronic. However, from the picture it does look like his eyes glow...

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New For 2018: Cocooned Corpse From Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween is showing no signs of slowing down this summer as they continue to roll out new props. Yesterday they dropped the new Rocking Horse Dolly animatronic after releasing the Pumpkin Patch Prowler over the weekend. Today they keep the hits coming as they introduced the Cocooned Corpse for Halloween 2018. Check it out below. When activated the Cocooned Corpse starts moving around trying to escape the spider webs he is stuck in. Although the prop doesn’t talk it does make sounds like a man struggling. You can also hear spiders moving around.I think this animated prop would...

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New For 2018: Rocking Horse Dolly From Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween is back at it. After releasing the Pumpkin Patch Prowler over the weekend they show no signs in slowing down by rolling out a teaser late Sunday night for their latest prop. Check it out below. Today Spirit Halloween made it offical and introduced Rocking Horse Dolly. The announcement was made via an email blast this afternoon. Rocking Horse Dolly is three feet tall and weighs 14.5 pounds. When activated Dolly’s eyes turn red as she starts rocking back and forth on her rocking horse. She also has three different phrases she will say when triggered. “It’s...

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New For 2018: Pumpkin Patch Prowler

The guys at Spirit Halloween have been working overtime lately showing off what is going to be available for 2018. Earlier this week they dropped a teaser disguised as a tutorial video about how to use spider webs. Check it out. Late Friday night Spirit Halloween officially unveiled the new prop in an email blast touting their latest animatronic. Unfortunately the Pumpkin Patch Prowler doesn’t say anything. He just laughs when activated. However, at just over six feet tall the Prowler is a pretty big prop that will draw attention at your haunt this October. When activated the animated...

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