Just when you think you’ve seen it all at, the guys at Home Depot do it again! This time they have rolled out a new prop, the Halloween Scientist. But it’s not just one mad scientist! No. There are two of them.

If you aren’t familiar with the mad scientist and his little friend, please check out the video below!

When activated the Mad Scientist’s eyes turn red and the beaker in his hand turns green. The Little Scientist’s goggles turn red and the two begin to talk.

Mad Scientist: Don’t move a muscle.
Little Scientist: Are you sure this is going to work, boss?
Mad Scientist: This might pinch a little!

Standing at 6’4 the Mad Scientist is quite imposing and his little friend is always up to something so you have to keep your eyes on him at all times.

The scientific duo retails for $249.99. While that may seem a bit pricey, you are actually getting two props for the price of one! If you can wait a few weeks, Home Depot is notorious for reducing their Halloween merchandise early. They are in such a hurry to get all of the Christmas items out of the back room that they will often start reduction the Halloween stuff in September!

In a sea of vampires, witches, clowns and zombie Halloween props, a mad scientist really stands out. I’m glad to see Home Accents make something a little outside the box for Halloween 2021.

I really like the Mad Scientist prop and am thinking about adding him to my collection. I like the matching ghost white hair on each prop and how creepy they both look. I can’t wait until they are in stores so I can better look for myself. I have a feeling those two would look great in my garage this October.

Please keep checking back. There are even more props coming your way. You don’t want to miss out!