Spirit Halloween is the place to be this fall. The Halloween superstore has unveiled their 2021 lineup and the hits just keep coming. This time they have a new animated prop called, “The Caretaker”. If you aren’t familiar with The Caretaker, please check out the video below and subscribe to our Youtube channel.

According to Spirit Halloween:

When someone calls for The Caretaker, you best stay out of his path. Hospitality isn’t on his mind. When you see his gnarled visage dragging a tombstone through your streets, you best hope he is not coming for your loved ones because the Caretaker is no ordinary grave digger. He arrives for those whose sins are so dark only he can be trusted to safely bury them along with the body before they escape and come for us all.

When activated, The Caretaker’s eyes light up and he begins to move his arms that are holding a shovel. At that point his mooing begins to move and he says one of several different phrases.

“There you are. I’ve been looking for you all night (laugh). I’ve come for you in regards to a serious matter. A very grave matter (laugh).”

“There is no escape. No one will hear your cries for help. The earth will fill your lungs as you try to scream… buried alive (laugh).”

“Take a good look at my face. It will be the last thing you ever see. Right before I seal your coffin for your eternal slumber. Sweet dreams (laugh).”

Standing at 5’7, The Caretaker is quite lifelike and a good sized prop. And I just got to say, a creepy gravedigger is right up my alley. I think this guy is very well done and I’m thinking about adding him to my collection.

At $209.99 The Caretaker won’t break your bank. I believe he will be in demand this year. Like I always say. Don’t way on Halloween props you really like. Pull the trigger early because the best ones always sell out in September. You don’t want to be left out when October gets here!

Please check back often. There is some great stuff on the way for Halloween 2021!