Halloween is right around the corner and Spirit Halloween knows how to get the party started! This year they are introducing a brand new werewolf animatronic called Mr. Howle.

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According to Spirit Halloween:

Burt Howle never thought his love of hunting would become his curse. An experienced marksman, Burt spent weeks camping and trekking through the northwest territories hunting wild game until nature decided it had enough of his trophy hunting ways. Late one night, under the full moon, the wolf king descended from its mountain den and left Burt with a single bite. He considered himself lucky only until the next full moon, when the change began. Now every month, Burt transforms into a ravenous werewolf and is hunted like an animal as he tries to survive until morning.

When activated, Mr Howle’d head tilts back and you see his razor sharp teeth. The creepy werewolf begins to move his arms and he lets out a thunderous howl that will terrify all your friends and family.

Standing right at seven feet tall Mr Howle is a pretty big werewolf. He retails for $299.99 but fortunately, if you know where to look, you can find a discount code or coupon that will bring the costs down a little. However, please keep in mind that larger props incur additional shipping fees. It’s something you have to think about each time you consider buying a bigger prop like Mr Howle.

I really am thinking about adding Mr Howle to my collection. But then again, I love werewolves and we don’t see many of them nowadays. I’m really glad that Spirit Halloween saw the void in the marketplace and jumped at the opportunity to fill it!

Don’t forget, if you like Mr Howle, pull the trigger early! The best props always sell out by mid-September, sometimes earlier.

Please keep checking back. There are some really cool props coming this year!