Home Depot keeps churning out the hits this year with their 2021 Halloween collection. If you haven’t seen the King of the Underworld animatronic, you definitely need to check him out. Please see the video below to get a closer look!

According to Home Depot:

Dare guests to enter your supernatural gathering with this King of the Underworld animatronic. A light-up orb casts a spine-tingling glow, lighting up Death’s visage to inspire shrieks and screams. LED eyes create a piercing stare, and the moving mouth seemingly beckons unsuspecting souls. This ghastly guardian of the underworld features a moving torso for a haunting appearance. Featuring a plug-in design, this King of the Underworld animatronic is easy to set up in your living room, hallway or foyer.

When activated the King of the Underworld’s LED lights light up and begins to move side to side. As he surveys his undead kingdom his mouth moves as he begins to utter several different creepy phrases including:

Bow down you petulant guttersnipe!

The King of the Underworld stands right at six feet tall. The King of the Damned is quite imposing and is definitely eerie. I can picture a scene with a fog machine that makes this prop seem even cooler than he already is. Just imagine if you had four or five posable skeletons you can have bowing down to the King of the Underworld in your backyard! Oh the possibilities! I can even imagine a scene from Game of Thrones. The King of the Underworld does have an uncanny resemblance to the Night King.

At $199.99 the King of the Underworld isn’t the most expensive prop I’ve seen. It’s actually quite affordable when you compare him to the Ferry of the Dead animatronic from Home Depot.

Continue to check back in with us! There are even more cooler things on the way that you don’t want to miss out on.