You know the saying, bigger is better, right? When it comes to Halloween animatronics, that’s saying typically applies. Well, Spirit Halloween subscribes to that theory and this year they went all in. We’ve seen feet tall clowns. In recent years we’ve seen seven feet tall clowns. This year we are getting the ten foot tall Looming Clown animatronic from Spirit Halloween. Check out the video below.

If the Looming Clown looks familiar, we saw him back in January at HauntCon before the world went crazy. The prop was one of the hits from the big event in New Orleans earlier this year.

The Looming Clown was made to be an entry way to your haunted house. Guests will be terrified as they walk through his legs as the supersized clown begins to move from side to side.

At $399.99 the Looming Clown is on the higher end and is one of the pricier props for sale at Spirit Halloween. However, you can easily find a 20% off promo code that will knock $80 or so off of the animatronic. You will still have to pay for oversized shipping but that is now standard on just about every Halloween prop.

I really like the Looming Clown and he was one of the ones I fell in love with when I first saw him at HauntCon. But at almost $400 I have to decide if I want to pay for one gigantic Halloween props or pick up two props that are priced around $200. Spirit Halloween is making these decisions difficult! But ya’ll know how much I love big, scary Halloween animatronics. I’ve got a lot to think about.

There is a lot of really cool stuff this year if you love Halloween props. Be sure to check out our Animatronic Halloween Store to see what’s new for 2020!

Please check back soon. There are more items coming out. While this year has been all over the board, Spirit Halloween is doing their best to knock Halloween 2020 out of the park.