After the success of the 12 foot tall skeleton last year, Home Depot is going to well one more time. Except this time it appears they are going to re-skin the insanely popular prop and make him into a large pumpkin creature.

I have to hand it to Home Depot. He definitely looks creepy. And if he’s anything like the large skeleton from Halloween 2020, he will be hard to find!

We don’t have all the info Home Depot’s lineup this year. Year after year Home Depot has quietly upped their animatronic game the past few Halloweens. I’d even venture to say that they are right behind Spirit Halloween. Some might even argue they might even be a little better depending on your preference.

Home Depot will likely be rolling out their 2021 lineup in the coming days. So please check back because we will have all the details.

Like I always say, if you see a prop you like you’d better pull the trigger early because the best props always go quick. Last year the 12 foot skeleton was out of stock all over the country in several weeks. I can’t tell you how many emails I got from people asking about it. Just remember, if you snooze you lose.

Halloween is just around the corner! Stay tuned…