I don’t know why no one has thought of this sooner, but the creative geniuses at Distortions Unlimited have a brand new Edgar Allan Poe Halloween prop for 2021! Poe is synonyous with Halloween and all things spooky so it’s actually a great fit. I personally can’t wait to check out the static prop at Transworld in a few weeks.

Standing at six feet tall the Poe prop is quite life like. With bendable arms you can pose the author as best fits your home haunt this October. The prop is not an animatronic, but this guy will still stand out simply by just standing still and looking creepy with a raven on his shoulder.

At $358 the Edgar Allan Poe Halloween prop is quite a bargain. Like it is mentioned in the video, the Poe creation is like a wax museum sculpture, yet it is way more affordable. Shipping takes four to five weeks so make sure you don’t wait until October because you don’t want to miss out on this one!