Who doesn’t love cotton candy? And who doesn’t love a little girl who is stuck in a cotton candy machine screaming for her life? No, it’s not something from a pack of Garbage Pail Kids, Cotton Candice is a real animated Halloween prop that was released to the world at TransWorld 2021!

If you aren’t familiar with the sweet little girl stuck in the cotton candy machine check out the video below!

Once activated creepy carnival music starts playing followed by the screams of a girl who is stuck in a cotton candy machine! Candice starts spinning and the poor girl just can’t escape.

The Cotton Candice Halloween Prop would make a great addition to any table at your Halloween party. It’s simply but effective and I think Cotton Candice is a fun prop that even kids could enjoy.

Cotton Candice will likely retail in the $199 range but the price could vary by $50 or so in either direction. Don’t forget, if you do buy her online there will be additional shipping fees that will run $20 to $50 depending on where you want her shipped to.

I actually like this prop and am thinking about adding Candice to my collection. I think she’s be a lot of fun on a table in the kitchen by some of the food.

Morris Costumes makes some of the most popular props and you will usually find them in stores like Halloween Express and Spirit Halloween in August when the stores begin to open.

Please keep checking the site! Halloween isn’t that far off and the best props are always gone before October. If you see something you like be sure you pull the trigger early so you don’t get left out. I get a lot of emails in October from people wanting to know if a prop they liked will be coming back in stock. 95% of the answer is no.