Did you hear that? That’s the sound of the internet breaking. Spirit Halloween’s latest animatronic has just dropped and they have overdone themselves with their latest offering, Little Daisy and the Maestro.

If you haven’t seen Daisy and the Maestro in action, here you go!

6.5 Ft Little Daisy and the Maestro Animat…

They toured the world and the Maestro got rich, but it was not enough. The crowds got b… [More]

Price: $299.99
Sale: $299.99

When activated by a step pad of sensor the Maestro’s eyes light up and he begins to move his arms back and forth as he says a few creepy phrases.

“She never sleeps, she never speaks, but she knows how to haunt you. It seems I’ve trained her very, very well.(Creepy laugh)”

“Want to be a part of my act? I’ll get you in my grips and you’ll do whatever I say. Come on it’ll be fun. (Girl crying in background)”

Standing at 6’5 the Maestro is a large prop and quite imposing. Little Daisy only accents how tall and intimidating he really is since the Maestro is looming over her.

I really dig this prop and can’t wait to see it up close in person once stores open up in a few weeks. You read that right! Spirit Halloween stores will be opening soon.

The Maestro and Little Daisy animatronic will set you back $299.99 and is on the higher end of the props. However, when you think about it, you are actually getting two props for the price of one! You can always find a 20% off promo code to reduce the cost to around $240 but you will also have to factor in shipping costs as well. The Maestro and Little Daisy prop is considered an oversized prop and will cost you a little extra to ship. The animatronic puppet master won’t ship until mid-September but you will have him easily by Halloween.

Don’t forget to pull the trigger early if you like the Maestro and Little Daisy. Spirit Halloween tends to run out of the best props early on in the season and you don’t want to be left out if that happens again this year. I imagine this prop will be quite popular and could be out of stock by October if previous trends holds up this year.

Please keep checking back as new props will be dropping almost daily for the next few weeks. This is like Christmastime if you really enjoy Halloween animatronics as much as I do!