What’s creepier than a zombie, vampire or clown? An eerie looking nurse with bandages over her eyes! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that her head turns in a complete circle.

According to Spirit Halloween,

It was simple enough when it started. She wanted to help her suffering, sick and dying patients ease their way into the great beyond until the twisted power of life over death took hold and drove her mad. Now Miss Mercy roams the halls of hospitals across the country, stealing the life of anyone unfortunate enough to come under her care. Look out because if you see her eyes, it’s too late you’re already dead!

When activated by a step pad or sensor Miss Mercy’s head begins to turn 360 degrees and her body starts moving. Her neck makes a strange cracking sound and she laughs like a woman who has gone mad!

She stands roughly 5’3 and weighs just over 11 pounds. Miss Mercy also isn’t incredibly difficult to put together either.

Priced at $199.99 Miss Mercy is one of those props that will definitely be popular this year. You will also have to pay an oversized shipping charge but if you use a 20% off promo code you will be able to get the creepy nurse animatronic for around $160, which isn’t that bad.

I am really excited to see Miss Mercy up close. I’m interested in adding her to my collection but want to see her up close and personal before I decide to pull the trigger. She doesn’t really fit into any certain theme I’m wanting to do but she is so creepy I almost have to have her at my Halloween party. If anything she can be by the front door greeting guests as they come in.

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