One of the coolest new Halloween props I stumbled across at TransWorld Halloween 2022 was the new Phantom Lord animatronic from Beastcraft. This guy owned the booth and captured everyone’s attention. Ironically enough, he didn’t do a lot but still, no one could take their eyes off of him.

If you haven’t seen the Phantom Lord in action, here he is!

The cool thing about the Phantom Lord is that he is just kind of there owning the room. All around him there were dozens of larger and much louder props but the Phantom Lord just sat there taking it all in without a care in the world.

I have to be honest. When I first saw the Phantom Lord, I thought it was a guy dressed up sitting in a chair in the booth. The prop is that well done. You could use the animatronic on many different themes like ancient Egypt, zombies or Game of Thrones. The Phantom Lord is quite versatile and is one of the best animatronics I saw this weekend.

At $1,900 the Phantom Lord won’t come cheap, but you can rest assured that he isn’t cheap. Beastcraft has been churning out some of the best high end animatronics that are used in haunted houses all over the country. He might cost a lot, but the Phantom Lord is built to last.

There is lots more on the way. Keep checking back. Halloween 2022 is right around the corner! You are not going to believe some of things coming your way! See you soon!